What Not To Do: Leave Money On The Table + MORE

What Not To Do: Leave Money On The Table + MORE

Don’t get caught up in investment analysis paralysisThis pretty much sums up how I felt when I started investing.
After Mrs. Moneyseed and I got married (about three years ago), we started aggressively paying off our debts. We owed about $60,000 between student loans, car loans, etc. We carefully mapped out a debt repayment plan, and figured out, pretty accurately, the date that we’d be debt-free…

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Our spending the last two weekends have been all about celebrations.  Two weekends ago our son got confirmed, so we hosted a celebration with family and friends at our home.  Last weekend we hosted our 17th annual Memorial Weekend party.   In June the focus will shift towards purchasing some things for the family…

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Top Personal Finance Articles #16

– monsterpiggybank.com

Top Personal Finance Articles #16We are all pretty sleepy over here in the MPB household. Both my wife and I have been running on only a few hours sleep and we are both starting to look a little frazzled. Fortunately it is the weekend and there is no need to go into work for the next couple of days which means some big sleep ins to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep…

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For most car owners in general their vehicle is a source of pride and love. It is an asset and possession that one must take care of in order to keep it up and running in prime working condition. We make sure the engine works fine, the oil is filled, the tank is full of … Continue Reading »

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Common Concerns for Life Insurance Newbies

– makingsenseofcents.com

Common Concerns for Life Insurance NewbiesAround a month ago I received an email from a reader who wanted to share his expertise in the life insurance industry. He’s heavily involved in the life insurance industry, which can a big hang up for many people either because they don’t want to think about it, or because they aren’t sure about the finances regarding it…

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Weekly roundup: Niagara Falls, $1 Fun and Disney
Good morning Dinks and happy Friday. Today we are writing to you with good news. Do you remember our Best Bequest giveaway last week? BestBequest.com is a website that acts as a virtual legacy for all of your accounts and personal documents. If you want to get your financial life in order and make sure your last wishes are carried out you can register with BestBequest…

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How to achieve your goals in only 4 steps – it’s easier than you thinkGenerally, people regard the New Year as a time to set new goals.  Poppycock!  There is no reason why you should wait all the way until January 1st to set a new goal for yourself.  And what happens if you don’t think of your goal until February?  Are you supposed to wait 11 months before working at it?  There are plenty of other entirely reasonable times to set goals for yourself…

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Self-Care – Don’t Neglect Your Health While You Accumulate Your WealthHow many times have you come across a person who’s so focused on making money and accumulating wealth that he/she doesn’t, “have time” to take care of himself? Sounds pretty silly when you say it out loud to others, but does it sound bad when you say it to yourself?
Here’s What I’m Talking About:

“I don’t have time to go to the gym because I work too much…

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What Not To Do: Leave Money On The TableI was jumping around the personal finance websites that I usually frequent and I stopped to read “No-Brainer Benefits to Take Advantage of at Work“.  It was written by my blogging friend DC from Young Adult Money.  There were good tips in the article about how you should be taking advantage of everything your employer provides you…

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How To Be A Stellar Contact Lens PatientBecause I always look this sexy putting on contacts with tweezers!
Every once in a while I like to take off the personal finance cap and throw on the optometrist one. Actually, the two go hand in hand because taking care of your eyes can save money in a variety of ways. I’d like to share some tips on how to keep your eyes healthy by being a stellar contact lens patient…

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VIP Club: Jury Duty and Link LoveVIP Club: Jury Duty and Link Love
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.What’s up, Club Thrifty enthusiasts?
It’s been another great week here at the crib.  We haven’t had a lot of excitement this week and have mostly been catching up from the long weekend. The most exciting thing that happened is that I got called to jury duty for the one millionth time…

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The Path to Fewer (and Better) Toys

– weonlydothisonce.com

The Path to Fewer (and Better) ToysThis is a guest post from Joy at Joyfully Green.  Joy blogs about ways for people to make meaningful differences and eco-conscious decisions in their daily lives.  Her blog is extremely educational, so check it out!
 Before I sound like Mrs. Scrooge right out of the starting gate, let me say that I fully believe in the magical power of toys…

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It’s happening again. Earlier this year, we were sued by a debt collector who was already getting regular payments but decided they wanted all of the money now. Meanwhile, the debt relief company we were using provided spectacularly bad customer service. Fortunately, there was only $150 left of that debt and we were able to go in and pay it off…

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William Paid Review–How to Pay Rent with a Credit CardWilliam PaidRecently, Dough Roller ran an article about how renters may be able to use their rent payments to boost credit. While this can help many renters build credit history just by doing what they’re already doing, the process can be a little complicated.
Unless your landlord or rental management company uses Experian’s RentBureau system, your rent won’t automatically be reported as part of your credit file…

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Weekly Recap – May 31st, 2013

– commoncentswealth.com

Weekly Recap – May 31st, 2013
I can’t believe tomorrow is already June!  May went by so fast.  It sure was nice having only a 4 day work week.   Monday was a needed off-day for me.  My wife and I were able to relax and the cabin was super fun.  We even jumped in the lake when it was like 50 degrees.  Needless to say it was incredibly cold, so we pretty much hopped right out…

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Gardening Tips: Composting with Worms

– Financialblacksheep.com

I know composting with worms seems like the least appetizing way to think about gardens, but it really is worth thinking about.  Not only do the worms help compost the food and garden scraps faster than regular composting, after they multiply you … Continue reading →The post Gardening Tips: Composting with Worms appeared first on Financial Black Sheep…

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“2% or Skim?” and Other Inane Questions I Asked to Earn a LivingSourceThe following is a guest post. If you are interested in guest posting for my site, please see my guest posting policy and shoot me an email.“Good morning, may I take your order?” “Tall, grande or venti?” “2% or skim milk?” “Whip or no whip?” “And what’s your name for the order?”During my first six months in New York City, I started most of my mornings with those questions…

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Happy Friday everyone! For those of you in the States we had the joy of a four day work week thanks to it being Memorial Day on Monday. We actually were able to take the day off which is not always the case for us, but it always feels so difficult to come back from a three day weekend. I’ll not be sharing an article today, but instead discussing an episode from one of the few shows I like to watch – American Pickers…

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How I Got a $520 Southwest Ticket for FreeFlying for free!
Free airline tickets? YES PLEASE! Want to know how I did it? It really isn’t that complicated at all. The only bummer about the whole situation is that the ticket isn’t for a flight for me. I got the ticket so my brother could fly out to my upcoming wedding which is pretty awesome if you ask me…

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