What are the Top Industries in the US economy

What are the Top Industries in the US economy


United States is been listed as the first country in the list of the stable economy holder. The economy of the country cannot be made strong if the citizens and the business world have no contribution to it. The regain of the US economy has thus been very much on pace since 2008, the year after which recession has started getting uprooted from the country.

Interesting part would be to dig the kind of industries that are empowering the economy of U.S. , which are mentioned below:

  1. HealthCare
    A big help in recovering the whole country from the after effect of recession years covering 2007 to 2008, has been given by this sector. The sector has provided a lot of job opportunities, which are from the healthcare sector; these opportunities have come in the year 2006 to 2016. This sector has also helped in making the population of the country healthy and thus giving more options of the livelihood to be undertaken by the people.
  2. Technology
    With the vast opportunities, that the technology sector makes available and the fast development opportunities, this sector has also procured vast kinds and quantity of jobs for the population of United States.  This sector has affected nearly every state of United States thus making itself to rank as the top five economic contributors of the total economy of the country.
  3. Construction
    This industry is needed for all of the time being and for every kind of person. The season will never end and the various business opportunities like for the business person, non-business person and every kind of person residing in the county, this accounts for the fact that industry would be ever green one. This one accounted for the increase o 3% in the year of 2017.
  4. Retail
    This accounts for approx. 4% of the total GDP proportion. This has been very helpful in raising the employment for the country on the whole, according to the World Atlas. There has also been the opportunity to hire the seasonal workers, as the sector saw some good improvement in the employment rate. This includes Amazon and eBay along with Brick-and-Mortar establishments. The months of November and December has seen the rise in the retails sales as per 4% in the year of 2017 as compared to the same months of the year of 2016.
  5. NonDurable manufacturing
    The commodities which have the life span of less than 3 years have been made to be included in the category of non-durable manufactured good, while those which are of life span more than 3 years come under durable good. This sector accounts for 6% GDP of the country and thus the country has been providing more of the employment to the population of the country.

The above mentioned industries have been contributing to the major economy of the country which is no doubt by now, have become one of the most strong in the world.