Weekend Link Love: Market Volatility Edition + MORE

Weekend Link Love: Market Volatility Edition + MORE

Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #40-Fires, Fish, and BloglovinI feel like summer is flying by, even though it isn’t officially here yet. We are in a terrible drought, and there are already several fires burning in Colorado. My heart goes out to those who have lost homes and lives. Some people refused to evacuate and paid the ultimate price. If someone tells me a fire is coming, and I need to get out, you won’t have to tell me twice…

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Anyone watching the markets this week.  Big swings up and down.  But mostly down.  I wonder if this is the start of a market correction bringing stock prices back down to more reasonable valuations.
Another weekend, another collection of links.  Enjoy.

This week I recommend that you check out the following links…

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Whether you are just starting your court case, are waiting for your first payment to arrive, or have been receiving payments for years but are considering getting a cash out lump sum, you probably still need some basic structured settlements information. One great way to do this is to provide you with some definitions on …

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Shout Out Saturday #22

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Happy Saturday party people! It’s hard to believe that it’s mid-June already! I would like to wish any fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day this weekend and hope that you’ll get some extra time to share with your family. We’ll be low key this weekend and hopefully get a little extra time to spend with the little Frugal Rules kids…

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