Vision Possible

Vision Possible

These two words- ‘Vision’ and ‘possible’, two commonly used words in the English language, have very little individual meaning, not much of a symbolic layer to the meanings. But when you bring these words together, depict a large array of meanings, powerful and deep in nature.

In a literal sense, vision possible refers to all the objectives and aims can be achieved given that you believe in your dream and put in sufficient hard work.

We’ve seen great minds tell us that “Persistence, patience and perseverance are the three Ps to success.” All great achievers and souls were only able to fulfill their intention because they always set their priorities in mind. Before you set out to rule the world, you need to able to imagine what success truly looks like. How does it feel to stand on top the highest peak and look around? How does it feel to be able to touch the skies? Gandhiji was able to free India due to his ‘never-give-up’ attitude. Albert Einstein was able to contribute so much to science because of his ignorance of the criticism he received. If the Wright brothers hadn’t defied everybody’s belief that a heavier-than-air flying machine was impossible, the modern aircraft wouldn’t have come into existence. All the people who ever made it to this list had their goal well crafted in their minds and souls.

Thomas Edison was correct in saying, “There is no substitute for hard work”.  Vision Possible is also about being enterprising and being able to take advantage of opportunities that come by. Another ingredient of the recipe for the right belief is that you should be able to trust yourself, believe in your skills. This is because we tend to do what is right for us and take the correct decision. And even if we make some silly mistakes on our way, we are here to learn.

Optimism also plays a key role in accomplishing our intentions. Without it, all hopes would be lost and all work wasted.

Mark Zuckerberg, who founded the world’s most famous networking site, Facebook, started it alone from his Harvard dormitory at the age of 20! Because of his vision, he went on to become the youngest millionaire.

Life is how you see it, and what you make of it. There is a thin line between day dreaming or procrastinating and forming visions. The only difference is whether you wish to put your thoughts into actions or leave them to another day.