Unusual career choices

Unusual career choices


While many people opt for the standard sort of career, there are others for whom traditional career outlets are simply not fulfilling enough. Whether they are motivated by a need for an element of risk, or simply a natural non-conformism, there are plenty of people who seek out unusual careers. This article will detail some of the more left-field options that there are available for those who want to earn their living less conventionally.

  1. Crab fisherman

This is almost certainly one that few people will have considered and if you are considering it now, be aware that it is not for the faint of heart. Fishing for crabs is seriously dangerous, as you have to difficult seas and temperatures close to freezing. If that cheery description doesn’t put you off, it has plus points as well – including only working during the limited crab fishing season and the possibility of grabbing enough crabs to make thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

  1. Lipstick reader

While this one will likely appeal more to women than men, this is 2017, so you never know. Either way, a major requirement of being a lipstick reader is having a passion for this particular beauty product, as you will need to study lipstick imprints left on pieces of paper and use these to predict the future of the client. It may sound absolutely bizarre, but women at swanky parties actually pay serious cash for this service, meaning you get to earn your living by going to parties.

  1. Body painter

If you have genuine artistic talent then you can make a pretty decent living as a professional body painter – with the vast majority of those who do this as their main gig working at music festivals and fairs, as there are lots of people at these events and they see becoming temporary living art exhibits as part of the fun. Face painting is particularly popular with children and is very common at funfairs, while fuller body painting is embraced by adults and is something you find at festivals. Body painters are also sometimes hired to create designs for photoshoots or video projects.

  1. E-sports player

E-sports are ones that require electronic systems to make them work – with interfaces between the machines and humans mediating them. Essentially competitive gaming, with common forms including first-person shooter, fighter and real-time strategy games. Sporting events centred on these have been a thing for a while now, and this means that people are turning pro – with various tournaments and leagues creating revenues from e-sports hitting an eye-watering $500 million last year and as you can see from mobilecasino.co.nz it won’t be too long before E-sports will join the Olympic games. You can be a pro player, referee, coach or work in the behind the scenes areas, but you will need to know your stuff when it comes to online gaming and be prepared to keep up to date with this ever-evolving medium.

Whether you are seeking out your first ever job, or looking for a change in careers, why not consider some of these unusual ideas instead of settling for something boringly conventional.