Top Tips to Beat Student Debt

When it comes to studying, it seems there is no way around leading an expensive lifestyle. Even if you are fairly thrifty with your money, if you are studying full time, you will always need help with your finances.

Luckily though, there are government guidelines put in place that mean the money you lend while you are studying will, more likely than not, be the best loan you will ever take out. But try to remember, it is still debt. Once you have graduated, you will need to start paying it back, but don’t let it get you down, internet essay service Best Custom Essay have some top tips on how to deal with the debt accumulated whilst studying:

Keep to the same lifestyle

Once you have graduated, it doesn’t instantly mean you are now in some sort of financial favor in the world, in fact, many students find their first year of graduation even harder than their time at university. Try to live as though you were still a student, this doesn’t mean you have to get back into your essay writing and studying, just make sure you’re not going overboard on the spending.

It’s also worth remembering how much more expensive things can be when you’re not a student. You’ll no longer have access to that all important student discount that can save you money on everything from clothes to entertainment; and worse still, if you move away from student areas after you’ve graduated, you may find out very quickly that you can’t afford to drink quite so much as the beer is a great deal more expensive, especially in more rural areas.

When it comes to getting a job

Try straight away to get a job under your specialty  Many students who had a part time job during their studies simply take on a full-time position at the same place of work. Remember, you were studying for a reason, don’t let yourself lose sight of your aspirations. Can you recall all of those hours spent on that presentation or essay? You really don’t want that to go to waste.

A job in your desired field will more than likely be better paid than the part time job you acquired at university so try to aim higher. It’s also important to remember that everyone in your university year; including those who have achieved the same degree in the same specialty as you; will be applying for jobs at the same time. With too few jobs to go around as it is, you really must GET IN EARLY. The longer you go without work, the harder it becomes to find it.

Move back home

Don’t feel bad about moving back home for a spell. You can really save money on rent and utilities if you simply move back to your parents’ home. It doesn’t have to be long but it allows you time to get to your feet financially and also offers the opportunity to perhaps work as an intern before getting a better job.

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