Top Sites Like Craigslist to Buy or Sell Stuff (2019)

Why pay full price for things like furniture, books, electronics, etc when you can get them for cheap on buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist?

You can also run a thriving buy-and-sell business online without having to invest in building an eCommerce website. Websites like Craiglist do no charge a penny from the user. They encourage and support secondhanding-culture.

Here are the top sites like Craiglist to buy and sell stuff online.

1. Letgo


Letgo is one of the fastest-growing apps for buying and selling locally. Their motto is to make “secondhanding your second nature” so that you won’t shy away from either buying or selling used stuff. People at Letgo believe that there is no shame in buying items used by someone else. Just click a picture of any item you wish to sell and people interested in your item will contact you.

2. Bookoo

Bookoo is another site like Craigslist where you can buy and sell stuff within your neighborhood. Bookoo’s motto is to “brings neighbors together”. Buying and selling within your community will give you an excuse to meet new people and get to know them better. Transactions are also quite user-friendly. You only pay once you have the item in your hand.

3. Trove Market

Are you planning to move to a new city? Renting an unfurnished apartment there? Trove Market helps people buy cheap second-hand furniture online. Just sign up for free and choose from thousands of items listed on Trove Market. This buy and sell site is a lot like Craigslist but the user interface is quite better and they have made it mandatory to add images of the items that are for sale.

4. Oodle

Oodle is the most versatile buy and sell websites. You can buy and sell anything from a house to a pet. You can also find jobs on Oodle. More than 15 million monthly unique users are running their buying-and-selling business on Oodle successfully.

5. Geebo


Geebo(pronounced as G-Bo) is a traditional online classified where you can buy and sell any item or service for free. Geebo does not ask for any commissions on the transactions you perform. The founders of Geebo started this website from their hometown Sacramento, CA, intending to help the locals buy and sell their stuff online. But now it has become a friendly and trustworthy community of its own.

What are the potential risks involved while buying and selling stuff online?

There is a risk in running any business. It is a different thing to take a financial risk and losing some money but risks involved in buying-and-selling online are entirely different.

What will you do if the buyer calls you up after a week and want to return the item? You are not obligated to entertain their request but since they are one of your neighbors, you have to cave in and return their money.

Also, as a buyer of second-hand goods, you have to deal with sellers trying to make a quick back buy selling stolen items to you.