To Get a Job where You Enjoy Making Money

To Get a Job where You Enjoy Making Money

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Do what you love, love what you do. That is how you make money, and reach heights.

There is always a great job for each one of us, we just have to look out for what excites us the most. We may have to take many risks, do some jobs we may not like or which don’t work out the way we had planned originally. Find ways to take joy in your work. If you can’t, look for another job. Take time to remember what is important in your life. You should get out of bed looking forward to what you are going to do that day.

What if you don’t get the job that excites you? What do you do to keep yourself happy?

There are precisely two things you can do: Quit and find your passion.
Everybody wants to be on the top of the world, we are running in a rat race without even knowing why we are running. We are attracted to materialism and want to fulfill far-fetched dreams, dreams which aren’t even ours. Stop and ask yourself: do you really want to do this? 20-30 years from now you wouldn’t want to regret not making a little more effort to quit your boring routine and do what you actually cared for. There are risks, but what would make you more miserable is the guilt of not putting your foot down on something that could have turned your whole life around. Pursue your passion.

If you think the first option is too risky because right now you do have a stable, well salaried job, and there are only a few things you don’t really like about your job, then there is a second thing you can do; try changing your current working conditions. It is important for you to breakup with your uninspiring job habits. Make a list of processes in your job which you don’t like or which have become repetitive and there is nothing more to learn as such; make it better. For example, if you don’t like meetings, you can find ways to make meeting better, faster and more productive. Meetings can be made shorter by removing all chairs from the meeting and let the members stand. This will make the meetings less territorial and it will ‘level the playing field’ in the meeting, psychologically eliminating the hierarchy and making the meetings more engaging by allowing everyone to participate.

Make most of your day and manage your time. You need to stay active and reduce stress and ENJOY yourself on your off days. Everyone has to do some boring, yet important tasks. Have a proper system, where you devote a certain numbers of hours to those tasks, rather than stretching them over the whole day, delaying other more important jobs. Focus on your unique abilities rather than on the unimportant and non urgent tasks just because they are easier. Evaluate your skills accurately. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your capabilities.