TIME Magazine Millennial Cover: The Millennial Bias + MORE

TIME Magazine Millennial Cover: The Millennial Bias + MORE

I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. It was nearly a year ago that I was freed from prison (err…my last corporate job) and it was like I won the Powerball and scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl on the same day. Seeing as we don’t play the lottery and will never play professional football I can dream, right? I remember walking to the car after tendering my resignation and Mrs…

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Insurance secrets that we should not keepGood morning Dinks. So often we talk about how to save money, how to spend money wisely, how to invest our money and how to live on a budget. But today I would like to discuss insurance.
When I first moved away from home I purchased my home and auto insurance with my financial institution because I didn’t know any better…

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A Brief Primer on REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Part 1: What are REITs, why should you invest in them, and how do they compare to being a landlord.Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are companies that specialize in investing in real estate by owning and renting commercial properties or by collecting mortgage interest.  Investing in REITs is a great way to get your feet wet in real estate without becoming a landlord.  You simply buy and sell shares of a REIT on a stock exchange like you would any other stock…

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Why I Shut Down My Profitable Online BusinessHello all.  I have been thinking about writing this post for some time, but finally got around to it.  If you have been around here, then you know that I used to own and operate an online e-commerce store.  It was built when I was in college and I ran it for about 3 years after I graduated.  It was one of the best experiences of my life…

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Resolve to Declutter

– weonlydothisonce.com

Resolve to DeclutterSpring is the perfect time to declutter. The effects are so immediately apparent, they’ll give you a sense of accomplishment — a perfect way to go about tackling more challenging goals.
How to start?
Find one area that bothers you the most. Is it piles of paper on your dining room table? Or a closet that is a total mess? Attacking the most cluttered area will be motivating and make you feel awesome…

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Slowly Killing the Student Loans – May 2013I Wish We Could Do This…
If you’re new to Money Life and More, in December 2012 we decided it was time to open up to you, my readers, and shared our very first debt update.
Student Loan Debt Update – May 2013
Another month has flown by and here we are updating you again on our student loan payoff! It isn’t awesome as it could be, but life happens…

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Happiness and Money

– edwardantrobus.com

A lot has been written about the magic financial number of maximum happiness: $75,000. The idea is that the amount of money is the maximum that contributes to happiness.
Recently, Financial Samurai‘s Sam Dogen wrote on Yakezie.com wondering if that number was different for online income from blogging…

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Who Says You Can’t Rock a Tool Belt with Heels?I love to DIY
When it comes to home repairs or pulling off DIY projects, it’s the ladies in my family rocking the tool belt.  Despite being a card carrying Daddy’s girl, I did not grow up with the kind of father who owned lots of power tools or worked around the house fixing things each weekend…

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Clutter Causes Financial Chaos

– studentdebtsurvivor.com

Clutter Causes Financial ChaosBefore
Remember last weekend I had my Cinco de Mayo house party? Well what I didn’t say about the prep for that party was my house was a complete and utter disaster. My mom helped me do some err clean my whole house before the party so my friends wouldn’t think I was a disgusting mess.
Now, my friends are polite and nobody would have said anything, but I wanted to avoid the whole, “This place is a mess” apology that I usually make when friends come over unexpectedly…

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Why Parents Shouldn’t Pay For College
So Monday was about some reasons parents choose to pay for their kids’ college. For some parents, they have been planning on this as soon their kids were born and they have worked hard to give this gift.
Why Parents Shouldn’t Pay For College
Now on the other side is the debate, there are just as caring and sincere parents who argue that having their kids pay for their own college tuition is a great opportunity that they want them to have…

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An Interview With Melissa Hathaway of ShopAtHome.comAn Interview With Melissa Hathaway of ShopAtHome.com
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.Hey folks! Welcome back to Club Thrifty! Today we are uber pleased to be joined by Melissa Hathaway, Senior Marketing Analyst at ShopAtHome.com. Enjoy!
Club Thrifty: Hello Melissa, and thanks for being with us today! Tell us a little bit about ShopAtHome…

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How to Landscape for Highest Resale Value
Have you ever driven by a house for sale and thought to yourself, “Who would ever want to live there?”.  You have come to this conclusion just based on the exterior of the house.  The inside may be incredible, but the outside keeps you away.  Landscaping may not sell your house, but it will definitely get more people in the door when you go to sell…

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TIME Magazine Millennial Cover: The Millennial BiasI stumbled across this lovely time magazine cover the other day. Apparently it has caused quite the buzz around the internet. I have to admit that this magazine cover makes my blood boil. Admittedly, I have not read the article yet because you have to subscribe to TIME’s digital magazine. I have seen the video created by the person who wrote the article; the dude is clueless…

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25 Tips and Resources for New Grads on LinkedInLinkedIn, which was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, reported an increase in users last year. As of January 2013, the social networking site for professionals had 200 million registered users. It may not be in the league of social media giants Facebook and Twitter, but there’s nothing quite like LinkedIn, which is considered the best professional social network we have today…

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What Does Asset Management Mean?

– doablefinance.com

Asset management means that one is willing to create a portfolio through education fund, retirement fund or any other objective. A specialized advisor can assist one to comprehend the need of asset management and the risks present in it. In spite of being risky, asset management is rewarding as well…

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10 Things to Include in a Will

– theamateurfinancier.com/blog/

10 Things to Include in a WillThere’s a lot of things that you need to prepare for when planning for the bad things that can happen in life.  I’ve been considered pessimistic in my life for my views that negative events are likely to happen; I prefer to think of it as being prepared for when things go wrong.
I’ve been even more cautious about what can happen in the world since my daughter was born…

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My Minimalist Confessions – I’m Not Always a MinimalistI love being a minimalist. I love the freedom it gives me, and the financial power.
Over the years I’ve extended my minimalism to most areas of my life. From my wardrobe, to my furniture, to my book collection, I’ve been slowly and surely trimming away unnecessary items in my life for years now…

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# 1  The 1 percent does Disney
The News – What is everyone talking about?

Wealthy Manhattan moms hired disabled people at Disney World to pose as their family members. Read the full story at NYP.
No really, they cruise around on handicap motor vehicles so they don’t have to wait in line…

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