Three of the Best Investment Choices for 2016

Three of the Best Investment Choices for 2016

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In recent months, the markets have experienced a particularly extreme degree of volatility. Real world affairs have caused chaos, and we have seen some incredible highs and lows, even in sectors that tend to be relatively unreactive. With the fallout from Brexit sending shockwaves around the globe, the dramatic and controversial lead-up to the US presidential election, and continued warfare across many Middle Eastern countries, the markets have been stirred into a frenzy, and the fallout has been rather messy.

This is why investors have been choosing their newest portfolio additions with even more care than usual. By meticulously selecting investment instruments, many are aiming to reduce their risk and preserve their profits. To help you do the same, here are three options that we would recommend…

#1: Gold

Gold is a traditional ‘safe haven’ asset, and although its price is not currently at a peak, it will always be a strong long-term investment. It is at its best when bought in physical form, and bullion and gold coins are always a safe bet; you can even buy at online retailers like Lear Capital. With hundreds of years of history to prove its worth, we believe that gold should play a stabilising role in every portfolio.

#2: Silver

Although gold is perhaps the most popular precious metal to invest in, silver could be an even better bet for those investing in 2016. Possessing the same safe haven qualities as its glittering counterpart, it has the added boon of being increasingly sought after in its raw form for use in industry. Incorporated into the making of cars, electricals, and many different types of machinery, it plays a useful role in 21st century production, and its price has continued to rise even as so many other markets have suffered. If you’re looking to diversify, this could be one for you.

#3: Currencies

The currency markets have been in tumult since Brexit, but for those on the hunt for a potentially profitable choice, they may well be worth looking into. Although they are an inarguably high risk option, they can also deliver high rewards, and if the former doesn’t deter you, then the latter can be a real lure. With dozens of different combinations to choose from, foreign exchange trading can usually be tailored to your preferred danger levels, and there are always safe haven currencies to ply your trade with if more exhilarating pairings are not for you.

If you’re looking to add to your portfolio, could one of theserecommendations be right for you?