The Influence of Money Power

Money is power and it is money that keeps the world moving. Major economies across the globe thrive because of money power. On the other hand every individual is always working to earn some cash to meet his or her daily needs. The power of money has stretched its wings to places of work and politics where a person with cash, has the power to influence other people for his or her own interests. In a corporate environment, money power plays a crucial role because many have used to influence others in order to be successful in their career paths. This involves developing personal power so that friends, colleagues and family will always have a positive attitude towards your career.

With money power, a person can move mountains as they say, because it makes sure other people respect your decisions, ideas and will always learn to listen and accept every proposal that you raise. In addition people will do whatever needs to be done, where the power of money cannot be disputed. Many have used money to secure good jobs, seek promotions, to raise to top political power and even advocate for justice. The purchasing power of money is also evident in cases where a person can deliver a project without the help of senior individuals in corporate environment because with money, it is a question of what do you have and what can you deliver?

Similarly, in todays age and era, almost every aspect of life is based on building personal power. The growing influence of money is all about betraying personal integrity in order to raise to the top or to achieve personal goals. In politics, influence money is growing by the day where in a nutshell, a large percentage of the public can be motivated and influenced to vote in favor of an individual. It motivates others to be influenced by you positively or negatively. As a matter of fact, many politicians have managed to sustain their positions because of money power. When elections approach, many turn to their grass root supporters offering hand outs, which influences them to vote in their favor.

When it comes to development, those who can make the most of money power tend to thrive. They build their own personal power and over a short period of time, the influence seniors at places of work or even in government in order to succeed in their careers. For those in politics and need to be less dependent on politics, they use money power to achieve their development goals in a hassles free manner. With money, a person can easily explore greener opportunities in every aspect of his or her life.

Money gives individuals the power and ability to veto proposals, build a great personality in the political or corporate arena, build a positive public profile and in a greater position to provide support and help to those in need. However, money power has to be utilized wisely if one is to succeed. It is important to pin down a clear portfolio, so as to capitalize on areas where you can reap the most.