The Importance of Backing Up your Business Data

The Importance of Backing Up your Business Data


If there is one mistake that can create an extreme amount of stress to a business it is the loss of important, integral data. Data loss is not just a technological issue; it can pose a huge security risk, especially if the loss of data is caused by theft. Think about all the data you keep in your business: employee records, financial information and client information. This could cause many issues reflecting directly upon the integrity of your company.

In the new age of digitalization, we are transmitting massive amounts of data on a daily basis. If you have no backup solution in place then you are leaving yourself open to a complete loss of data. Loss of data can come through many channels: amongst them fire, flood, human error and criminal activity and without an appropriate backup you could be left with no survived data. The simple answer is to always back up your information. It may sound like a relatively easy responsibility, but when you are dealing with masses of information every day, this can be a daunting and difficult task. There are many forms of backup, from securing your data in the cloud, to digitizing your paper documents so that they can be protected if destroyed. This is a huge undertaking for any company; however, there are many businesses available that can help. Business continuity systems from Iron Mountain, as an example, will help you to not only implement a back up, but continue to support your data needs after completion.

With this in mind, here are some of the most secure ways to back up your important business data.

Digitalization of Data

In this new digital age, many businesses are now tuning into paperless offices, some for ecological reasons and others due to the storage capabilities. Whatever your reasons, digitizing years of records is time consuming and unless you have the right security processes in place, it could leave you open to data theft. One of the best ways to organise your digitization process is to enlist the help of a trained, secure company. They can then take over the storage of your documents, the digitization scanning process and many also offer outsourcing with a shredding service, great for when the documentation has been completed.

Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage solutions are a fairly new commodity that can be confusing if you are new to this form of storage. Cloud storage basically means placing your data within an internet based server. Again, there are many companies that offer cloud storage solutions as a means of backing up your data and they can help your business with the process.

The main reasons cloud storage is becoming so popular is that it is extremely secure, mainly through encryption software and it is external to your companies servers, so if there was a natural disaster your documents would remain safe.

External Backup Solutions

There are many options to externally store backed up files, from external hard drives through to business archiving systems. If you choose to use external hard drives, USB’s or similar, then you will need to store them separate to your business premises, whether this is in your own home or in a safe. This is an extremely handy form of back up protection, as they are so accessible to you and as long as they are all encrypted/password protected, they are very secure from threats.

Another useful form is to store backup copies of your files using a third company storage space. Many companies offer to collect your files, deliver them to a secure unit/safe and bring them back to you if they are ever needed. If your business also deals with data protection such as medical records etc, then this may be the option for you.