Textron, Inc. (TXT) Declares $0.02 Quarterly Dividend; 0.3% Yield + MORE

Dividend Income For March 2013

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Welp, personally I’m glad March is over. I don’t know where you live, but here March came in like a lion and left like a man eating shark. We still have piles of snow and below freezing temperatures which means this will be the 7th consecutive month of having snow on the ground. I think those global warming groups need to find a hobby because I’m not seeing these hotter temperatures they keep going on about…

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Is It Possible To Find Decent Telecom Plays For A Dividend Portfolio?If you’ve been following my monthly top dividend reports and are a subscriber to my free mailing list, you know that telecom stocks are often at the very top of these lists but I’m more often than not very convinced about staying away. It’s not all about the yield right? I guess that’s true but I’m also trying to build a solid higher yield portfolio which gave me the idea to take a fresh look at the sector…

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Cash Dividend On The Way From Atlantic Power

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Cash Dividend On The Way From Atlantic PowerOn 4/26/13, Atlantic Power Corporation (Toronto: ATP) will trade ex-dividend, for its monthly dividend of $0.0333, payable on 5/31/13. As a percentage of ATP’s recent stock price of $4.82, this dividend works out to approximately 0.69%, so look for shares of Atlantic Power Corporation to trade 0.69% lower — all else being equal — when ATP shares open for trading on 4/26/13…

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Oneok Partners LP (OKS) MLP AnalysisOneok Partners LP is a large midstream natural gas partnership with assets throughout the central United States.
-Distribution Yield: 5.10%
-Seven Year Distribution Growth Rate: 7.1%
-Credit Rating: BBB, Stable Investment Grade
Overall, I view OKS as one of the better income investments on the market currently, with an appealing combination of yield and growth at a reasonable valuation…

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Fight Inflation With Dividend Stocks

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Inflation is back in the news these days, thanks to President Obama’s new budget proposal. That proposal adjusts the way inflation gets calculated in an attempt to raise tax revenue and stem the rise of Social Security spending by slowing the rise in the Consumer Price Index. No matter how it gets officially calculated, inflation is a real threat to your long-run ability to make ends meet…

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This month had been quite great for my dividend income, but not for my portfolio value. I don’t like to see my non-registered value falling below the mark of 120k. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a close 118k. Getting closer to the original 120k, but not back yet there. I don’t like to deal with a down market…

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Opportunity Costs for Dividend Investors

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Some investors believe that holding overvalued dividend stocks represents a lost opportunity cost. However, an overvalued dividend stock with rising earnings and dividends can remain overvalued, and investors who sit tight would reap the big rewards.

What is opportunity cost if you thus sold Coca-Cola (KO) in 1991 or on 1995 and purchased Enron stock with the proceeds? Coca-Cola traded at a…

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