Success is Hard – Just Make it Easy(er)

Success is Hard – Just Make it Easy(er)



Success is hard and negligence is easy. ‘I’ll get around to it” is a phrase easier to say than “mmhmm” to your wife when you’re not really listening to what she’s saying (whoops!). Whenever you say that phrase, do you ever think of the consequences that come with the decision? It’s a decision to not take action. Don’t kid yourself, you’ll never get around to it! While negligence makes life temporarily easier, it makes life harder in the long run.

People don’t become rich and successful by taking the easy road.  I’ll just put it this way – Successful people create their own luck. They don’t just knock on the door of opportunity; they knock the son of a bitch down and introduce themselves.

This article is going to persuade you to that becoming successful isn’t as bad as you make it out to be.

Making Success Easier

Success is hard if you make excuses and you make simple things difficult. You need to make business fun. Should you follow your passions to create a business? I truly believe it depends on the passion and your knowledge you have for it. Otherwise, you don’t need to start up a business based off passion. Steve Jobs didn’t start Apple because he was passionate about technology, he simply wanted to make a difference.

Following your passion doesn’t guarantee success. Your passion needs to be entrepreneurship. If you’re passionate about being an entrepreneur, no matter the business you run, you will enjoy the ride. Enjoying the ride will make success easier.

Negligence is so easy that people make simple tasks harder than they have to be. If you can’t get yourself to perform the little things; well, I just gotta say it – you’re flat out lazy! You have to make small choices to achieve great results. You need to learn how to make the simple tasks easy. They need to be completed with out even thinking twice about accomplishing them.

Set Your Goals and Focus on Them

There’s no doubt about it, success is hard to achieve. But it all starts with goals. Vague goals are the Kryptonite for entrepreneurs. Set your vision on clear cut goals and prioritize them to achieve milestones. Know which ones are most important to you and which ones you can set aside for now for your bigger goals.

Focus on your target and formulate strategies on how you are going to achieve it. Do not get distracted by other people or things that will bring you down. There are so many factors that make it easy for you to give into the wrong mindset of “I Can’t!”. There will be a lot of people that will tell you it’s impossible. It’s not. Perseverance on distinct goals is key.

Don’t Focus on Making Money

Negligence is easy but if you are going to choose to be responsible for your own success, you need to focus on the mission, not the money. Sounds crazy right? It’s definitely the right tactic though. If you focus on money your company will be perceived as greedy. That’s not the best brand awareness.

Successful companies are built on helping others and solving problems. You need to have a mission to do one or both of these things. You need to have the ability to create and separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Be involved and give back to the community. An innovative good cause will command success and depending on your business model, can create a fortune. But your goal needs to be accomplishing a mission and this tends to be easier than demanding money.

Curate Your Network

It is easier said than done to go out meet a successful person, introduce your self and make a forceful impact on their opinion about you. How are you suppose to do it? The key is to actually build relationships! A lot of people make the mistake of expecting the successful person help them  out right off the bat – when they haven’t even built a relationship yet! Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to help someone who randomly came up to you and asked you to do a tedious job? Time is invaluable for everyone, especially people who have attained success. You need to reach out to people and offer what you bring to the table. Give them a REASON to want to work with you. It’s a simple task that most people make more difficult than it has to be.

Check this video out on how to meet new people for your business career by Derek Halpern via Social Triggers.

Choose – What’s it Gonna be?

What’s it going to be? Are you going to work half-assed for success? Or will you make the road more fun and a little easier; the way it is intended to be?

Just remember that negligence is easy to do but doing something for your own sake is more fulfilling. Learn to make things easy for you by not dreading the things that you need to learn and do. Instead, set your thoughts to be positive and things will flow according to your vision.