Strong Leadership Transforms Vision into Reality

Strong Leadership Transforms Vision into Reality

Everyone dreams. But there is a difference between a dreamer and an achiever. Who is a successful entrepreneur? The one who is able to turn a simple idea into a sellable product. How do you bring a simple concept to become a successful business venture? Can you do it all by yourself?

No, you need to assemble a team of members who are willing to stand by your venture and become a part of it. To manage a company or a business, you have to be a good leader. Your team will genuinely put in all their efforts and work towards a common goal, if you are able to convince them that you are trustworthy and you are working for the good of all, keeping all their interests in mind as well.

A leader is not only responsible for the whole business venture; he is equally responsible for all the team members as well. You business and your team are a reflection of yourself. Only when you are completely honest with your team members, will they trust you. Only when they trust will they be inclined to follow you. You are absolutely accountable to each one of them. Failures are a part of business, but you can’t shift the blame on a co-worker, because in the end, it is you who represents the company in the market. Your decisions should be ethically both morally and legally sound.

Don’t promote an atmosphere of bad work ethics and favoritism in the office. You have to stand strong in every situation because there are many who are looking up to you. As a leader, you have to a source of inspiration.

When you hire someone to work with you, you need to make sure the person is on the same page; if he understands what your company aims to achieve. It is important for you, as a leader, to give him an imagery, to get to see and understand your vision. You need to keep encouraging your team members, regularly appreciating their efforts, making them realize their mistakes in a subtle manner, and keeping them enthusiastic and positive.

Make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Knowing what you want to accomplish may be clear in your head, but you should be able to explain to your co-workers, so that they all can also relate to your vision. There is no point having a great plan when you can’t clearly describe what you really want to be done. Training new members and keeping the old guys to keep working for your company takes lines of productive, effective communication. Your team members should be able to talk to you openly about issues that interest or concern them.

Be strong, not rude.
Be bold, not a bully.
Be thought, not lazy.
Be humble, not timid.
Be proud, no arrogant.
BE a leader, not a boss

Lead people from the back, let them believe they are in front.