States that Host the Best Lotteries

States that Host the Best Lotteries

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Lotteries are big businesses all around the globe. Some have more winnings than others. Most people believe that it is purely by chance that some countries have the best lotteries.  Some reasons can contribute to some lotteries having better opportunities than others of seeing more winners.  Some of the places are even better than others, but they all have great lotteries.

United States Powerball

The jackpot offered in the United States Powerball is cash.  This lottery is one of the largest in the United States. Since changes have been made to the Powerball, the jackpots have soared to extreme heights.  Thirteen out of the twenty-five highest wins recorded were with the Powerball lottery.  The $40 million prize means that you are looking at good fortune even if you win the smallest one.

Your bets can be placed online.  The schedule is Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 Eastern Time.

Mega Millions

The United States Mega Millions is another great lottery.  The chance of winning is a bit lower than Powerball, but excellent winnings are still to be had with Mega Millions.  Many American people love playing the lottery; therefore, they have dominated Mega Millions and Powerball.  Mega Millions is unmissable like Powerball as well as incredibly lucrative.

The opening jackpot for Mega Millions is$40 million, and this is with uncapped rollovers.  All you need to do is take two steps. Pick five main numbers between 1-70.  Next,pick one main number between 1-25.  The schedule is Tuesday and Friday at 23:00 Eastern Time, and you can place bets online.

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Euro Millions

People who live in France and Spain know that Euro Millions is the game to play. France has had the most Euro Millions wins with 23.4% of the 83 biggest wins were jackpots.  Spain comes in second place with 80% Jackpot winners. Spain also holds 22.5% of total jackpot wins with Euro Millions.

In addition to the millions a person can win with Euro Millions, 12 tier prizes are offered to make more winnings available.  The schedule is Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 Central European time. 

Euro Jackpot

Germany has the most luck with Euro Jackpot at 45.7% with a total of 16 jackpot winners. In second place is Finland with 10 jackpot winners.  Next, is Denmark and Slovenia. 

Sixteen countries all over Europe participate in Euro Jackpot. Tax regulations vary in different European countries.  Euro Jackpot is new, but the jackpots are some of the highest on the continent.  The schedule is Friday at 20:59 Eastern European Time.

Euro jackpot

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UK Lotto

The UK Lottery puts more focus on the fun of the game.  Many people claim that there is never a dull moment playing UK Lotto. There are over 8 million winners every week as well as 6 new millionaires. 

The favorite UK lottery has been UK Lotto since 1994. In 2011, the rollover limit was raised from 3 draws to 4 increasing the chances of winning.  Local tax regulations do apply.  The schedule is Wednesday at 20:30 both GMT/BST.

Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto was launched around twenty years ago, and, has been making winners since that time.  The Irish Lottery is used to raise funds for good causes.  The Christmas Millionaire Raffle details are already available for participants.

This lottery has uncapped rollovers.  Local tax laws apply.  When the lottery first launched, only a Saturday drawing was available.  In 1990,the Wednesday draw was added.  The schedule is Wednesday and Saturday at 19:55 Irish Standard Time.

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Oz Lotto

This Australian Lottery has been selling products for over twenty years.  More than two million customers have been serviced through the website and app.  Oz Lotto promises to provide customers with the most enjoyable and convenient lottery experience.

The opening jackpot is $2 million with uncapped rollovers as well as 7 prize tiers providing more chances to win.  In 2012, Oz Lotto received a world record for the largest Australian jackpot prize. The schedule is Tuesday at 20:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Super Enalotto

Super Enalotto is an Italian lottery that has an opening jackpot of $2 million with uncapped rollovers.  The winning numbers are always posted on their website, and the distribution of prizes is listed as well.

Super Enalotto was officially launched in1997, and, scored a European record in 2010 with a massive jackpot that was won by a syndicate of 70.  The schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 20:30 Central European Time.

The advantage to the internet is that you can place bets on any lottery in the world increasing your own winning odds.  Many of them offer huge jackpots.  All you must do is choose the ones you wish to play.