Spring Cleaning-The New Resolution + MORE

Watch Lectures In Half The Time with YouTube's HTML5 Player From college courses to TED talks, YouTube is a great source of educational lectures. The downside to this unique method of learning is the time it can take. If you need to cram a bunch of video into a short amount of time, Reddit user ladyzebra suggests switching to YouTube’s HTML5 player and turning the playback speed up…

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April Holidays and Bizarre Celebrations

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April Holidays and Bizarre CelebrationsBy Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis –
So what do you know about the month of April? It’s a very interesting month. April is the month we celebrate Earth Day. April 22nd this year. This is our chance to try to give back to Mother Nature that which we have so cravenly and callously taken away from her…

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Are You on a Path to Nowhere? How to Gain Clarity and Live PassionatelyWhat are you passionate about?
This is a question that stirs a lot of emotions.
It can thrill you … or it can depress you—depending on your level of clarity about what you’re doing.
If you love what you’re doing, then you’re set. You are on your path.
If you’re not on your desired path, how are you feeling right now…

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Registration Is Now Open For The Path To Passion Course!If you are feeling there must be more to life than this . . .
If you are bored and dissatisfied with your life . . .
If you feel like you’re on the wrong path but don’t know how to find the right one . . .
If you know you’re in the wrong job… Continue Reading…

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How do You Treat Positive People? [POLL]
There are several types of people. Some are positive and are struggling to make the world a better place to live, the presence of others makes just constant problems, not to mention what is going on in their heads. There are also neutral people, who seem to exist but when they leave nobody notices their absence…

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Spring Cleaning-The New Resolution

Being a human is quite peculiar almost solely due to the fact that we have our own brain waves, judgments, and perceptions. But sometimes I consider how strange it must be to exist as a mindless organism, such as a plant… no thoughts, no perceptions, and no capacity for fears. Just pure living…

Flowers, among the many types of plants, are truly fearless as they are not afraid to open themselves vulnerably to the sun…

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Never confuse education with intelligence
The post Never confuse education with intelligence appeared first on Motivational quotes and posters.

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How To Give Your Life a Big Jump-Start

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How To Give Your Life a Big Jump-StartDo you need a jump-start?
It is 100% possible to transform a mediocre life into one that is absolutely amazing.
It just takes a little action on your part.
A few steps in the right direction.
Want to know the good news?  There is a clear path you can follow that will lead you out of the doldrums and into a bright, new day – more on this shortly…

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7 Tips for a Fearless Life

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7 Tips for a Fearless Life
Fear is a thief. It will steal your time, energy and dreams. It makes you anxious during the day and keeps you tossing and turning throughout the night. 
Fear is crazy making; it taunts and depletes you. It keeps you imprisoned, depressed and lifeless. Fear steals your joy. 
It doesn’t have to be this way…

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