How to Spot a Good Content Writer?

It is quite ironic and boastful writing about how to find a good content writer when you yourself are struggling to grab hold of some ground in this field. Anyway, so following write up shall help you find the right people for the right jobs in the writing field.

These days you can find a number of inspired writers in the social networking sites and blogs. Inspiration mostly coming from the writers of national books mostly on romantic issues and those people start calling themselves content writers. A content writer’s job is much different and difficult than just sharing one’s pathetic love story or cribbing about one bad day.

A content writer is someone who is hired by a particular company to create content meaning matter for the company in various fields that are relevant for the company. Any company or organization always has a target audience that they intend to focus on. So a content writer has to understand the mindset of the target audience and create matter that will be liked and followed by the target audience.

Coming to finding a person who can do all this is not a herculean task.

Germane Advertisement:

Finding the right person for the job is more of smart marketing and advertisement than screening. Suppose if one company XYZ based in ABC deals with toys for children, then specifying the fact that they need content writers for the particular work will make it easy for the company as well as the people as most of us have a preferred liking of a subject. Of course few are gifted with the amazing ability to write on any matter but that will be an exception.

A quick background check:

Apart from spot on marketing one should focus on the blogs or the write-ups written and done in the past. The quality of language use in the matter tells a lot about the person’s character and frequency of posts can hint towards the interest of the person.

The vista from the belvedere is bodacious.”

Such a phrase is attractive to read once but gets 100 times more annoying when you do not comprehend it. One cannot expect all its readers to be from the Shakespearean era so the use of bombastic words should be minimal.

SEO writing knowledge:

Any company would want the customer to have a look on their product or service before going through the same of the competitor. So the writer should have the basic knowledge of SEO writing which basically means to write in a way that the search engines pop up your content before anything else. One should do this without compromising with the quality of the article. Having knowledge of softwares like scribe and traffic travis will be an added quality.

Writing in adverse conditions:

Content writing is a skill that is cultivated over time. So to master it one needs to be able to write in any condition given at any point. Writing a big article and giving several points is easy but making sure you include all the points in a restricted space or suppose writing a heading, it takes serious skills. So the hiring body can audition the applicants on this.