Spooky Business: Making at Least a Thousand Bucks This Halloween

Spooky Business: Making at Least a Thousand Bucks This Halloween

Holidays are always great platforms for small business ventures. This is mainly because it is the time where everybody is out to shop for various trinkets, presents, costumes and so much more. One holiday in particular can have you bringing in big bucks. Halloween is a time for costumes, candies, trick or treating, parties and a celebration of everything spooky. Not only can you have tons of ideas for business but you can have a lot of fun making them. If you want to make at least a thousand dollars this Halloween without having to put out too much capital, and with the season for costumes parties and trick or treating just around the corner, here are some homemade and do it yourself ideas which you can go for.

Gooey Cupcakes for Sale

One of the trademarks of Halloween is sweets. In many places, it is a tradition that children go around the neighborhood for trick or treating. Put a twist in the traditional candy giving and have your neighbors give the little ones their gooey cupcakes. If you’re fond of baking, it so easy to make these gooey cupcakes. Just follow a classic chocolate cupcake recipe, or better yet buy ready made cupcakes packed in grocery stores. And all you have to do is place chocolate syrup inside the cupcakes. Make sure that your syrup is tinted with some food coloring, preferably those bright green food coloring, for the Halloween spirit. From there, you can just have fun and add some candies on top or some gummy fangs or eyeballs and what not.

You can easily sell these cupcakes for $2.5 a piece. This means that for every dozen cupcakes you sell your neighbors for their Halloween treats or for school parties, you get around $30. You can even have your own cupcakes to sell on Halloween fairs where you can make more money to add to the income you make on your special gooey cupcake orders. This is truly one great Halloween business to get into.

Halloween Costumes for Sale

If you have a creative and imaginative side, and you have the skill to make scary costumes, you can easily make money this coming Halloween. All over the US, people have been treating this holiday as one to look forward to like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It has been this way for so many years now. Even with all the economic crisis and recession happening, people somehow find their way to have parties and hold trick or treat events to make this Holiday special.

Children and even adults love to wear different kinds of costumes during this time. And what better idea to make a quick thousand bucks than selling Halloween costumes to your friends, family and neighbors? You can even sell these costumes online, if you want a bigger market. All you need are some simple materials and get your imagination going.

There are two types of costumes that are especially popular during the Halloween season. The first is the common scary costume, which you can have fun creating really scary and obnoxious get ups. And then there are the fantasy costumes, which are all about different fictional characters, from cartoons to real actors and actresses.

If you don’t have the knack or right skill set to make Halloween costumes, you can simply retail ready made Halloween get ups. If you don’t have enough budget for your capital, you can sell accessories which are popular among kids. Accessories such as fake fangs, scary masks, tiaras and others, are such a hit among those who don’t have the time and don’t want to bother making their own costumes.

Sell Halloween Decorations

Another awesome idea to make a thousand dollars during Halloween is by selling decorations. Because people love the concept of changing the themes of their homes, offices and establishments according to the coming holiday, selling Halloween ornaments would really be profitable. From hanging decorations to figurines, selling these in your home or online would be such a hit.

Just like the Halloween costume idea, you can either create these decorations from scratch or you can simply buy them in wholesale shops and mark up the price for your profit. If you want to spend less and minimize your initial cash out, you can have your friends partner with you in creating fun and interesting Halloween decorations.

Organize Halloween Parties for Teens and Adults

Halloween is such a big event for a lot of people that this holiday isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, a lot of teenagers and young professionals are excited for their much awaited Halloween costume parties in schools, in their communities and even in their offices. If you want to earn big during this time, one idea would be to organize Halloween parties.

This idea is less tiring than making your homemade Halloween retail products but it is not to easy to complete. It requires you to set up the event, decorate it, organize the theme and many more. Offices would love to hire you to get all the necessary preparations for their party from the lights, to the music, food and beverage. By starting out small and using the connection of your friends and family, making one thousand dollars would be as easy as ever.

Photo Booth and Photo Coverage in Halloween Parties

And since people attending parties during this time want to take home some piece of memory for their fun and awesome event, you can place a photo booth where neighborhoods, schools and companies can hire you to render your services. A lot of photographers make a lot of money during Halloween simply because different establishments hold their parties for their crew, students, employees and more. If you have a special camera, computer and a portable printer, and you know how to operate all these, you can have people’s pictures taken at Halloween events and actually make more than one thousand dollars, especially if you book more than 3 events.

Tips on Halloween Business Opportunities

Making money over the Halloween season or any holiday for that matter is really easy if you know what to do and if you have the right mindset. There are still a lot of great ideas for you to make money during the holidays. The important thing is that you’re having fun doing it and you’re doing it legally. Here are some tips which can help you setting up your Halloween or and kind of holiday business:

1. When you’re thinking of business ideas, think of the things that interest you the most.
2. Be sure to put your ideas in line with the season. For instance, your bake sale should have products with monster designs to it, or anything related to the holiday.
3. If you plan on selling different items, make sure that they are original yet still necessary for people to buy for the Halloween. Originality creates that interest and curiosity while necessity brings that need to purchase a particular item so it is very important to have both.
4. For services like organizing Halloween events or doing photo coverages, make sure that you book your clients in an orderly manner. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with a schedule mix up or double booking. That is bad for business in any season.
5. Last but not the least, the best way to make money is to enjoy it with your family and friends. Make them your partners. This will lighten your load and responsibilities and you will have more capital for whatever Halloween endeavor you may have. You will also have a wider scope for your clients from the referral of your friends and other relatives. Making a thousand bucks this coming Halloween is easy with friends and family cheering you on and supporting you along the way.