Save On Your Electricity Bill by Strategizing Your Consumption

Electricity bill is one of those bills we constantly work on trying to reduce. We might not even realize where we are wasting some of it. Being aware of what uses more energy helps us be more mindful of how we use electricity.

Take note of the electricity you use and turn off everything else. Many of us don’t bother to switch off the electric supply for our TVs and instead choose to just shut it down with the remote control before getting up and going away.


It’s also common for people to forget or just simply not care enough to switch off the lights while leaving their room or their house. Electricity is a necessity, and we can’t live without it, but electric use can be curtailed just by being more attentive.

Shut off the supply to all gadgets and appliances when they’re not in use, and only buy electronics that are energy-efficient. Upgrade all your light bulbs and use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners to cut back electric use.

Strategical use of appliances can help you reduce your electric bill. There are many small things that you can do to reduce your electricity consumption. Here are a few common ones you can use in your daily life.

Instead of running your partially filled dishwasher, wait for the machine to be fully loaded so that you can avoid running the machine more number of times.

  • Dry loads of clothes consecutively instead of waiting between loads. This will minimize energy consumption, the reason being that the unit will remain warmer for longer, and it doesn’t have to reheat each time.
  • Do not use your power bank at home because 25% of the power used to charge up the power bank is wasted. It is better to use an outlet whenever possible rather than your power bank.
  • Set a timer on your AC so that it shuts down after cooling your room instead of staying ON for the entire night. You can switch to a fan once the room is cool enough.
  • Turn off your routers when not in use. Turn them off during nights.

Final Thoughts

You can save loads of money every single day just by being careful about switching off all the things that you’re not using.

Strategies for reducing your electric consumption can and will vary, especially based upon your current behavior and pattern of consumption. All you can do is understand your behavior, learn ways to make changes and apply strategies, and do your best to use the strategies diligently so that you can put your money back in your pocket.