Reasons Why User Experience is First moto of

Reasons Why User Experience is First moto of is a tech driven online real estate portal that facilitates buying, selling and renting of properties across India. The company thrives on the principle of customer first and has been the center of attraction amongst the masses since its inception in 2012. While, its focus on technology has been most noticeable, its investment on user experience has stood out. It has been the first realty site in India that has made its customer’s overall ease of use, convenience and feedback as the base for its evolvement. Today, with its aura and truthful principle of providing only verified real estate assets to customers across the goal has managed to successfully reduce the number of unverified real estate agents in Gurgaon and other parts of the country. This has ensured the anxiety and fear that was so deep routed in the heart of middle income and lower middle class group has vanished to a large extent. Here are some of the prominent reasons as to why user experience is the first moto of


Shelter for all

The company believes in the principle of shelter for all. It truly realizes the efforts that an ordinary Indian has to put in all through his/her life to get a shelter overhead and hence has made every effort to come up with product that could make the process of home buying, selling and renting smooth and hassle-free. Its team of developers and focus of technology has made sure that it has managed to achieve this goal to a large extent. It would be an overstatement to say that has managed to do it all, but it is certainly in the right track. The company’s web portal hosts nearly 9 lakh confirmed, substantiated and genuine listings within all budget ranges and across the country offering the home buyers thousands of options to choose their dream home from in the area they prefer.

One stop solution

Housing as a firm has not been formed to make some quick money from market and vanish. On the contrary, the promoters of the company firmly believe in making it a one stop solution for all kinds of property needs and they have been greatly successful in doing that. The prime example here is that its site today not only has a robust database comprising of lakhs of new and resale realty assets but also provides hosts of services including:

  • Rental agreement services
  • Features a comprehensive list of property dealers in Gurgaon and other tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 cities of India
  • Home loan products
  • Facility for online home loan application and tracking
  • Price heat and demand supply map
  • Visibility index that reflects the most in demand or relevant hosting
  • Ratings on life style, area and locality that lets its user decide on the best property
  • ‘Look Up’ mobile app that enables to find properties on the go
  • Data driven output for search results
  • Guidance on property laws
  • Help in registration, stamp duty, etc.

All of these features have not only ensured great user experience but have been instrumental in making a household name in India as well as abroad.