Questions to Consider Before Making Home Improvements


Making improvements to your home can be a necessity if you require more space or a fresh environment as your family expands. It can also be required when you’ve just moved into or have been living in a house which hasn’t been updated in a few years.

This avoids the hassle of moving house to get what you want, which can seem a shame if you enjoy living in the area. Whether you intend to just renovate the bathroom or are going for a full redecoration of the entire property, there are a few questions that need answering before rushing into things.

What Work Will Be Done?

Firstly decide what improvements will be done and whether you really require them to be made. Think about how much they will benefit you and if there’s a better option available. For example, if you need to redecorate your living room it may be easier and just as effective to paint the walls rather than wallpaper. Plan out every bit of work you intend to have done and draw up a timescale to see how feasible it is to get completed.

Who Will Do It?

Once you’ve decided what work needs completing and especially when there is a deadline it needs to be finished by, decide whether you will undertake the work yourself or hire additional help. Small tasks such as painting and decorating can be done fairly easily no matter what your experience level but for jobs involving structural adaptions using professionals is advised. Otherwise it can end up costing you a lot more money and time.


For anyone attempting to make home improvements themselves it is important to schedule in enough time to get it done. If you work full-time it can be hard to find the time, so planning to do the work in a week’s holiday may be best, as you don’t want to be living in a construction site for too long. Work on the roof or that will be affected by weather is best scheduled in over summer.

Can You Afford It?

Making many home improvements can be a costly endeavour but when they are necessary you sometimes have little choice. There are many options available to get the work done immediately such as savings, a credit card, a personal loan or a secured loan like those offered by Nemo loans. Remember, a Nemo loan is secured against your home so you must ensure you can afford the repayments or your home may be repossessed.