4 Qualities of New Construction Homes for Sale

New Home ConstructionMany house hunters struggle to overlook design choices, wall colors and furniture layouts in previously-owned homes. Some despise the idea of living in another individual’s home. Others fear bacteria and germs from bathrooms and kitchens, no matter how much bleach is used to clean them. To avoid second-hand homeownership woes, many turn to new construction properties for fresh, sparkling abodes.

Aside from being neutral and clean, new construction homes have further benefits – starting when buyers begin their searches to years after signing contracts. Consider the following four qualities unique to new construction homes for sale.

  1. Buyers are Active in the Search Process

Builders want to profit and many avoid listing agents to decrease overhead on each of their properties. Therefore, new construction homes are less likely to appear on local listing services and more likely to advertise in newspapers or on billboards. Many new construction sellers rely on online real estate listing services, such as Zillow, to post their homes free of charge. Buyers in the market for new construction homes can work together with their agents to search for these properties. Buyers essentially have the same resources as their agents, allowing them more control throughout the process.

  1. Builders Negotiate with Early Hunters

Many new construction buyers finalize their home purchases before drywall is installed for discounted prices. For builders, selling early satisfies lenders, which is why builders are often willing to negotiate with buyers early in the process. However, buyers face the increased risk of committing to contracts before homes are complete. If early buyers back out, they likely lose their discounted down payments.

  1. Minimal Risk of Damages and Upgrades

New homes have fresh plumbing, modern wiring and solid foundations – assuming reputable builders construct sound, safe homes. Most of the time, new construction homeowners avoid expensive maintenance, whereas impending repairs are expected in previously-owned properties. Additionally, most new home buyers review model homes for fixtures, finishes and floor plans before their exact properties are built. Therefore, new owners are less likely to make stylistic upgrades after purchase. Usually, home builders install the latest, long-lasting technology appropriate for the price range.

  1. Customizations and Discounts for Interiors

Aside from sale price negotiations, new construction builders sometimes offer buyers the option of personally selecting fixtures and finishes, as long as specifications are requested in the beginning stages of building. Buyers searching for homes later in the process, who lack the negotiating power of early hunters, might still benefit from high-end upgrades for the same down payment prices. Builders often offer interior upgrades rather than discount down payments after homes are built.

The aforementioned benefits attract all house hunters, especially because new construction homes can mimic vintage properties. Even so, some homebuyers who crave authentic character should look elsewhere for future dwellings.

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

One thought on “4 Qualities of New Construction Homes for Sale

  1. Hazel Owens

    While I don’t personally have issues living in a previously-owned home, I know some people that would prefer a place to call their very own. They like the idea of designing a space just for them and being able to customize it for themselves without having to remodel. Plus, as you said, newer homes usually have more up-to-date appliances and foundations, so there’s fewer repairs needed. Thanks for the information.

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