Professional Ways to Make Friends at Work

Are worried that a casual approach to friendship at your workplace might get you in trouble?

The way people meet and socialize entirely depends on the kind of organization they work for. Major corporations are notoriously popular for punishing people who do not respond to hierarchy.

So, being all buddy-buddy with your senior at a multinational company can get you in all sorts of trouble.

work buddy

But things are a lot different in small organizations and startups. Startups have taken a quite lenient approach and usually allow their employees to be friendly and opinion-oriented within the workplace.

Whether you work for a major corporation or a startup, there are some practices that you need to follow to keep things professional and impersonal.

Here are some professional ways to make friends at work.

1. Introduce yourself by walking up to people

This might seem bold for some people but it is one of the quickest ways to make friends at work. Being professional doesn’t mean you should be meek and agreeable. Walk up to every desk in your office and greet your co-workers personally. They will appreciate your boldness and will like you even more.

2. Participate in work events

Many offices have after-work activities like table tennis, pool, video gaming sessions, etc. Attend every work event in the first month of your job and try to connect with people based on common interests.

3. Help your colleagues when you see them struggling

Doing this will instantly make you popular in the workplace. Everyone likes a person who is good at problem-solving and is generous enough to extend help when the need arises. If you are good with computers, then be that guy that everyone goes to when they have a technical issue. This method will help you reach more people in the office and you can also provide something of value without asking anything in return.

4. Be honest with your co-workers

Being honest does not being blunt. At work, it is essential that your colleagues are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This helps the team, work in a synergistic manner. Do not be afraid to expose your weaknesses and also don’t shy away from boasting about your strengths.

5. When it comes to lunch, choose communal table over sitting at your work-desk

Every employee knows how blissfull the lunch break is as you get to cut yourself off from the stressful work environment and enjoy your lunch in peace. Most people prefer having lunch alone at their work-desk. And there is nothing wrong with it. But in the initial days of your job, make sure you sit on the communal table and make it your mission to socialize with everyone on the table.


There can be many benefits to being friends with your co-workers. Moreover, an average employee spends approximately 40-60 hours per week at their workplace.

You don’t want to be surrounded by people who hate your guts. So, even if your beliefs and values don’t match with your colleagues, you should let them know that you don’t harbor any negative thoughts about them.