Prepare For The Unexpected Expenses Of The Upcoming Season

Prepare For The Unexpected Expenses Of The Upcoming Season

The weather has cooled down and the leaves are falling, and this means the holiday season is soon upon us. With the festivities, get togethers, and seasonal changes come extra expenses and stress that somehow sneak up on us every year. Even though it’s only fall, below is a list of potential surprises that might pop up over the next couple months, plus the costs that roll around this time of year to keep in mind.

Shopping expenses

You might not be ready to start your holiday shopping quite yet, but the holidays always cost more than we think. Put a little bit extra aside, starting now, and things will go more smoothly. Some gifts and other spending needs might spring up that you’re not anticipating – a Secret Santa or White Elephant party at work, maybe a new relationship that has started, or perhaps a long-lost friend has come back into your life. There are a few easy ways to get some extra cash for the holidays: pawning and/or selling some spare jewellery, antiques, or an old watch that you don’t wear anymore, is an option. If you’re looking to sell your gold find a reputable and reliable pawn broker that respects customer service and values discretion. Decide on whether you’d like to pawn (receive a temporary loan) for your items or completely sell them. Pinto Cash For Gold always offers current market prices for gold, silver, diamonds, jewellery, high end watches and purses, and antiques.

Summer might have taken a toll on you and your wallet. Your vacation might have pushed you over-budget, or maybe your air conditioner broke down during the heat wave. Trouble with the weather and the problems it can cause only increase with seasonal changes. There are several checks and preparations to make ahead of the cold weather:

  • Have your furnace inspected
  • Ensure your programmable thermostat is accurate and working properly
  • Check for drafts or leaks
  • Clean your humidifier and filter for the dry weather
  • Check your roof and eaves troughs
  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney
  • Examine trees for dead branches that could break once frozen
  • Clean your gutters
  • Prep and clean your windows
  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Empty the fuel from your lawnmower and other gas-powdered equipment
  • Make sure your snowblower is ready or purchase adequate shovels

Many of these things you can do yourself, but it’s always a good idea to bring in a professional to make sure certain things are handled properly to prevent expensive troubles or emergencies down the road.

Think ahead about any bookings you can make related to the holidays. Some travel sites will offer extra deals to reward early bookers. Or, you might want to get in on a special package or deal that will be snatched up by everyone else if you wait until the last minute.

When you see things that are on sale that you know you are going to need that will keep, like cuts of meat in the freezer, or that won’t go bad, like extra stock for your liquor cabinet for parties, purchase them now. You’re going to be spending the money anyway, so taking advantage of sales and spreading your spending out over several weeks and months will lessen the hit to your bank account.