Option to mark items as spam less noticeable in latest Facebook iOS app + MORE

Nonstop Games, a Singaporean-Finnish gaming company (yes, really), just picked up $2.9 million from two Scandinavian venture firms, Creandum and Lifeline Ventures, to build out core games for iOS and Android.
The company’s team has an interesting backstory. Henric Suuronen was a head of studio at one of Europe’s biggest social gaming companies Wooga, and a director at Digital Chocolate Finland before that…

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‘Silent updates’ for Android download latest version of Facebook without Google PlayFacebook is testing a new way for Android users to receive app updates without going through the Google Play store.
Some Android users are now receiving “silent updates,” which download in the background while a user is connected over Wi-Fi. Instead of users receiving a notification about a new app version through Google Play, the Facebook app downloads its update automatically and then prompts users to install it…

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Saleforce’s Chatter mobile apps updated to allow access to customer data, easier creation of contentEnterprise cloud computing company Salesforce.com has released an update to Chatter, its enterprise-focused social network. The iOS and Android mobile apps are getting a refresh and, starting today, companies will be able to access, create, and act on customer data/information within Salesforce — all through the Chatter feed, across any device…

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10 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on Twitter

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10 Personal Finance Experts to Follow on TwitterWhen it comes to your personal finance, turns our there are some pretty awesome experts out there, specializing in everything from investing advice to living on a budget. If you’re looking for a constant stream of wise money posts, check our some of these finance feeds on Twitter.
1. For an Academic and Public Policy Perspective: @A_Lusardi

Why we need to teach financial literacy in school…

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This Week on Twitter: 18 March

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On most Mondays, we post “This week on Twitter” to alert you to key things happening in the coming week. Whether it’s a live chat with the cast of your favorite TV show, a Q&A with a political candidate or a pro sports team Tweepstakes, keep current about can’t-miss moments on Twitter in the week ahead…

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Jack Dorsey On Twitter’s History, Its Future And Why He Wants To Be Mayor Of New York City [VIDEO]Yesterday, Lara Logan interviewed Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey for 60 Minutes on CBS, and, for fans of Twitter, quite a few little gems were unearthed from the soft-spoken Dorsey, including his ambition to run for mayor of New York City.
Dorsey speaks about the history of Twitter, and his part therein – how he came up with the idea for the micro-blogging network, why he was kicked out of the company he started (and how that made him feel) and how he doesn’t hold grudges…

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Minnesota Woman Held to $222,000 Fine for Downloaded MusicJammie Thomas-Rasset, a 35-year-old Minnesota woman, was left with no remedy but to pay a $222,000 fine stemming from a 2006 case about music she downloaded from a file-sharing service, when the Supreme Court declined to hear her appeal today.
Thomas-Rasset and Joel Tenenbaum were the only two defendants from a spate of cases brought by music industry groups in the mid-2000s who did not settle…

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Option to mark items as spam less noticeable in latest Facebook iOS appFacebook today released a new version its iOS app to include a way for users to change their cover photo and a number of updates related to group messaging. A subtle but significant change not mentioned in the app’s release notes is that the option to hide a post or ad and mark it as spam is now a different color, making it much harder to see…

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Lack of teen participation might always be a problem for Facebook but it doesn’t have to spell the end for the social networkA popular storyline lately is that Facebook is failing to capture interest from teens who are turning to Instagram, Snapchat or other services instead.
The conclusion pundits are making — from primarily anecdotal evidence, it should be noted — is that Facebook is on the decline because it is losing a source of new users…

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Target Consumers on Twitter by Interest, Device, and Gender
Launched last year, Twitter’s self-serve advertising platform has been used by thousands of businesses with “encouraging” results. Based on feedback received from those businesses, advertisers can now target consumers in two specific ways: by interest and device.
First, you can target individuals with the same interests as followers of @username…

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Crowdfunding platform Flattr will now allow people to donate money for content they find on the web using the favorite or like buttons that already exist on many social networks, the company announced today.
Basically, that means if your favorite author tweets out a link to a new blog post (or even just makes a witty remark), a small donation will go to them when you click the “favorite star” through the service…

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