No College Degree and Stress Free: Financial Freedom Even without a Diploma

No College Degree and Stress Free: Financial Freedom Even without a Diploma

Everybody knows that education is very important as it is one of the keys to success. Many people also regard your level of education to your status in life – socially and financially. However, many people go against this norm and are still able to succeed in life; and some like the great businessmen in the world such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates haven’t even finished their college education.

The Need to Succeed

Often times, people who have had a difficult life growing up have a more burning desire to succeed than those who were better off. Although some of these people had no means to finish their education, their need to change their life and become successful fueled their mind and body to work harder than everybody else. Take world renowned designer Ralph Lauren for example. Not only was he unable to go to a university and only studied at a community college, he was also a second year dropout. His desire to become a successful designer pushed him to become one of the greatest and richest designers on earth.

Speaking of fashion, there’s also Amancio Ortega – the world’s 3rd richest man. You guessed it. He also doesn’t have a college degree. It’s not just in fashion. Eike Batista, a mining magnate, is also a college dropout.

Sir Richard Branson, the owner and chief executive officer of Virgin Group of companies, did not even go to college and was even a high school dropout. He is now a billionaire with an internationally acclaimed company and has been knighted by the Queen of England, the highest form of social standing in the UK. He is even a major sponsor of the Virgin Marusa F1 race car; and if you are a Formula One racing fanatic, you would know that it takes millions of dollars to sponsor such a race car.

Too Lazy To Finish

There are also some people who drop out of college not because they aren’t capable of paying for their education. Rather, they are just not that into learning about history, mathematics, literature and other subjects that are really not part of the formula for becoming a billionaire. This just goes to show, that not all smart people are rich and not all rich people are smart.

Take the richest man on the planet for instance. Bill Gates has been the richest man on earth for years and he holds the largest enterprise for computers and similar technologies. If you study his life’s story, he dropped out of Harvard University on his second year of college. Another great example of billionaire dropouts is Mark Zuckerberg. This young billionaire is known all over the world for innovating the way people socialize. He created the social media site, Facebook, which fueled the craze of social networking worldwide.

There’s also Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle. He was widely-considered to be very bright in school, but very inattentive. He dropped out after his second year in the university, partly because of the death of his adoptive mother.

Following the Principles of “The Rich Dad”

Robert Kiyosaki, a world renowned financial expert and teacher, wrote a book about financial stability and the false principles on becoming rich passed on from generation to generation. The book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” explains in a very blunt manner how misguided people are all about work and financial stability. Parents often tell their kids to study hard and finish their college education so they can get a good job with a stable salary and a long line of benefits. With such a principle embedded on every child’s mind, they pursue their college degree and some even go for higher and post graduate studies, only to work their backs off for the rest of their lives.

Although it is very important to finish your education, it clearly does not make a person rich. In fact, it absolutely has nothing to do with what level of education you’ve attained or how prestigious your university is. The single and best ingredient to becoming rich and successful in life is having a grasp of your dream and having all the faith in yourself that you will attain it.

Even though Robert Kiyosaki graduated from college, his life goal is to empower people with the right principles and mindset to become financially free and successful in life. His book teaches people to take smarter career choices and to go for business ventures rather than making use of your education to pan out your career and life for you.

100 Percent Desire and Unwavering Faith

Donna Imson, a Filipino-American elite network marketer, is internationally known for being one of the owners of a fleet of companies operating within the Pacific Rim and other parts of the world as well. Not only is she a college dropout, she also had a rough life experience prior to her success. This battered wife with 3 small children who only had a few dollars on her bank account braved her situation and took the plunge without a doubt in her mind that she will change her life around. Today, she is a great speaker, who gives her talks in front of thousands of people all over the world about life, career and financial freedom.

Her talks point out one single principle – the only factor that makes success possible is to have every cell in your body believing in your dream. That compelling reason to turn your life and your family’s lives around for the better is the single most important fuel to propel you and push yourself to do whatever is righteous and possible to make your dreams a reality. When you put 100 percent on believing on your desires in life, all roads to get you to that point will eventually show their way to you.

Without that unwavering faith, you will only get tired and burnt out from trying and ending up on that same spot where you started. Her principles and mindset in life turned her family’s life 180 degrees, even without a college degree. With all her money and success, her goal today is to empower men and women to do the same thing and believe in the same principle.

All Courses Lead to Employment

Getting a college degree is something to be proud of. It is great feat in everybody’s life that may take you places. Take Mukesh Ambani of India for example. He has bachelor`s degree in chemical engineering, although he dropped out of his MBA in Stanford.

It isn’t the title or profession that sets you to success. It is actually the misguided way of teaching students about career paths and life choices. Even if you take business courses and lessons on investments, all of these only teach you to manage other people’s businesses and not your own. Even Master’s courses taken by successful people in the corporate world are only taught to improve their managerial skills and not about how to make money work for them.

Fortunately, successful undergraduates like Bill Gates and Michael Dell and many more share their experiences to those who want a different path in life. There are also a lot of books about financial freedom like those written by the great Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, who although are college graduates, are dedicated to uplifting the lives of others through proper financial education.

Being Smart on Money doesn’t Mean Being Smart in School

If you really think about it, most of the most successful and richest people in the world were never good in school or weren’t college graduates. This only proves that schooling or being smart in school has no direct connection with becoming rich and successful. In fact, the lessons on financial freedom and life success aren’t taught in school. They’re actually learned through life experiences, honing and shaping you to take better choices in life.

It can be unfortunate that the school system isn’t keen on teaching children about how to handle money or where to place your money for it to grow in multiples. Instead, the education system in majority of countries focus on history, literature and other subjects that are totally irrelevant to becoming rich and successful.

According to instant payday loans, the skill to become financially free isn’t something that is learned in one sitting. It is actually learned through years of exposure to the right environment and right people. If only parents would take their time to study about financial freedom, then the future generation wouldn’t have to work multiple jobs just to manage to put food on the table.

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  1. To succeed you need the motivation and the passion, Education is helpful and it shows if you have that qualification it shows you are dedicated, a mix between passion, education and motivation you can do whatever you want to pursue your dreams.

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