Move over King there is a new girl in town and her name is Wendy!

Burger King, King, Wendy's, Wendy, Dave Thomas, This That and The MBAFor as long as I can remember it has always been 1. McDonald’s 2. Burger King and 3. Wendy’s.  Well that is not the case any longer as it has just been announced that Burger King was surpassed in US sales volume by Wendy’s. 

This change up brings makes me reminisce of those days back in college and that Nelly song “Number One.”  You know you remember Nelly, he sung Country Grammar!  Google it if you forgot who, but make sure you come back to finish up this article.  As I digress…..

Hey hey hey hey hey hey – now let me ask you man
What does it take to be number one?
Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers (hey)
What does it take to be number one?

Ok I am back; I just hit it up on YouTube and was singing along.  If you want to picture it, I look like a taller, nerdier Brad Pitt. 

McDonald’s Domination

Well neither of these 2 companies has had much success lately keeping up with McDonald’s.  McDonald’s has been able to introduce new products, while keeping prices low during this economic downturn.  They have also managed to retrofit some of their older restaurants to modernize them. 

Burger King and Wendy’s Play Ketchup

Consider this Burger King had sales volume of $8.4 billion in 2011 and Wendy’s had $8.5 billion, this is a billion with a B.  Burger King has been going through a transformation since they were acquired by a private equity group in 2010.  They dethroned their creepy mascot, “The King” and they have gone through some refinements with respect to their advertising focusing more on the food rather than the company.  

Wendy’s in chasing McDonald’s has gone through its own process to try and reinvent itself.  They like Burger King are focusing on the quality of their food.  They are trying to distinguish themselves as a higher end fast food restaurant.  Sounds like an oxymoron if you ask me.  They also went through some enhancements to their menu; they came out with new fries which were seasoned with sea salt and also Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy burger.   Whatever their strategy it seems to be working as they dethroned the King!

McDonald’s dwarfs the competition at $34.2 billion; I found it of particular interest just how much bigger in terms of US sales that McDonald’s was.  Seeing how we should be budgeting and rarely eating out because it is a waste of money and is very unhealthy.  Sometimes for whatever the circumstances we must stop out and grab a quick bit to eat.  With that said, which restaurant do you prefer?  I like the number 4 at McDonald’s, I think it is the 2 cheeseburger meal..yumm..

What would you like to hear about tomorrow, keep it clean?  I haven’t posted about an indepth finance topic in a few days.  Want to hear about derivatives, give me a hell ya if you would like!

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31 thoughts on “Move over King there is a new girl in town and her name is Wendy!

  1. I think the key to own a successful business is giving attention to consumer. Make him happy, win his heart.
    Mcdonald has done that before now its Wendy’s chance

    1. @ Karunesh – the ole stroke his ego adage. If he feels he is loved he will likely return. That holds true anywhere. If you get good service somewhere or you feel they went above and beyond for you, you will tell your friends and so on. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Which chain do you prefer out of curiousity?

  2. Hellz yeah!

    I never realized McD’s dominated that much! Amazing!

    What about Hardees?! Their food is soooooooo good. So much better than BK or Wendy’s. Frankly, I think Wendy’s food is terrible.

    Okay, all of their food is bad for you but some of it’s just good. My wife and I had a goal this year to not each out at a fast food restaurant…3+ months. Woohoo!

    1. @ Worksavelive – pretty lofty goal of not going to a fast food restaurant all year, but 3 months you are well on your way. Best of luck to you with doing that. Your pocket will thank you and so will your health. I have never been to a Hardees, I don’t think they have them in Central NY. I didn’t realize McD’s was that dominant either. They are bigger than like the 2-5 combined.

  3. Burger king is disgusting, and so is McDonald’s. I actually don’t mind Wendy’s and if I crave fast food I’ll always eat there over the other two.

    1. @ Daisy – I like the Jr Bacon Cheeseburger…lol… I like to rotate the ones I go to. Burger King i think has good tasting burgers with that flame broiled taste.

  4. I like all 3 of them. I think they each have their own unique flavor. I own some MCD stocks. Part of the reason they’ve done so well is because they’re in the real estate business as well ^_^

    1. @ Liquid – I didnt know that that McDonald’s owned real estate. Thanks for that tidbit. How has it been doing since you have owned the stock? Seems whatever shares I purchase they are destined to go down once I acquire them.

      1. I bought them early last year so I’m doing okay for now. A lot of it is timing for me. Sometimes my most recently bought stocks would all go up, but other times I would buy 3 stocks in a row and they all go down, lol.

        1. @ Liquid – frustrating when you buy and they go down isnt it? Well I hope they skyrocket for you and you come back and share with me your investing strategy and we both get rich! 🙂

  5. I like all 3, but probably Burger King the most. I love their whoppers.

    1. @ Michelle – I had subway for lunch. I am trying to be like their posterchild Jared. THey are all different in their own way. I really have not had a whopper that I can remember. Maybe I will have to give it a go sometime soon if you are recommending it.

  6. I didn’t realise Wendy’s was so popular. I live in the UK, and as far as I know there isn’t any over here. I’ve certainly never seen one! I wonder why there aren’t any (or many) in the UK, as they are obviously popular in the states and other places?

    1. @ Jon – wow way over in the UK. I guess this blog crosses the oceans. Yes they are quite popular. You will usually find a burger king, mcdonalds and wendys within a few blocks of one another.

      1. You are international! We have lots of McDonalds and Burger Kings, but no Wendys. Strange.

        1. @ Jon – That is quite strange that Wendy’s isn’t international. It seems as though every franchise has a global presence now.

          1. Yes there must be some reason for it, perhaps its the square burgers we don’t like!

          2. @ Jon – haha yes it has to be the square burgers. Now you have me intrigued, I may have to look it up now to see if I can find out why. If I find anything I will be sure to share with you!

  7. Good stuff … I’ve always favored Burger King over all the other guys. Despite the ridiculous “King”. A few years ago when they rolled out the new marketing campaign and had that 60-gram of fat breakfast sandwich, I felt like BK committed image suicide. Unfortunate, but now that they are No. 3, maybe they’ll work harder. By the way, where does Subway fit into all of this?

    1. @ My Money Design – the “king” scares people, it doesnt make me want to go eat there when you have that rediculous thing running around. Glad you mention that, this was just the biggest hamburger chains. For chain restaurants they are number 2 with Wendys and BK at 4 and 5. Starbucks is included as a chain restaurant at number 3.

  8. I try and avoid all three of these places. However, when I’m out and need a quick bite, I choose McDonald’s or BK. I don’t know what BK did to their fries, but they are terrible.

  9. I don’t eat out at fast food, but I love Wendy’s salad. They used to have a salad bar, which was my favorite. I’ve reduced my visits significantly ever since they got rid of their salad bar. Nonetheless, I still love Wendy’s more for their unique brand name and service.

    1. @ Shilpan – I do remember the salad bars, wow talk about going back in the day. I remember going there as a child with my family and getting the salad bar. It was the greatest to be able to get anything you wanted! Thanks for the comment, I totally forgot about the salad bar.

  10. I do like Wendy’s new Sea Salt fries, but my favorite out of the three would definitely be BK.

    1. @ Katie – very nice, all this burger talk made me hungry so we had a bbq outside tonite in the beautiful weather. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I started eating at Wendy’s since they introduced the new fry. I love them to go further up…but its junk food anyway, not good for health if eaten regularly.

    1. @ SB it is easy to justify sometimes when they taste so good. Were you surprised how much larger McD was than the other 2?

  12. Taco Bell and Wendy’s are my top two. Some weeks, we give them a ridiculous amount of business because it’s easy to justify it as a “cheap” food option instead of in the real category of “eating out”. It’s so bad…

    1. @ GB – You are right on the money, it is easy to justify when you can get a meal for under 10 bucks.

  13. Burger King needs to step up their game with their fries and onion rings…they’re both terrible. I do like the Whopper though. Out of the three, I’m a Wendys guy. The fries and burgers do it for me. McDonalds always just seems so artificial and loaded with way too much salt and sugar.

    1. @ Jeremy – I just had Wendy’s last night, their fries are so good. These past 2 days of talking all day about Wendy’s and Burger King have made me eat take out last night and made burgers the night before. haha

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