Monday edition of the Five for Friday, Weekend Recap or whatever you want to call it!

Justin Timberlake, sexy back, taking sexy back, im taking budgets backFor all of you that missed the Friday edition, we were taking part of the Yakezie blog swap.  Basically what takes place is that we sign up for the blog swap and we are partnered with a fellow blogger.  We post an article about a particular topic, which this time the topic was the best investment advice I ever received.  I traded posts with my buddy over at Short Road to Retirement.  Be sure to stop over there and check out his site and also to check out my article!

I don’t know if you have been following along in the personal finance world but there is going to be a big movement that is going to take place tomorrow.  It is the Roth IRA Movement orchestrated by Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents

What a busy week last week was, I read so many great publications but here are a few that stuck with me as always in no particular order:

While I am no Justin Timberlake fan, I have heard the song Sexy Back but this is a remake of the popular song that finance nerds like me would chuckle about.  Take a look these shirts and be sure to rock your shirt around town! 

Take a look at a very powerful article written by Shilpan over at Street Smart Finance, about turning financial setbacks into success. 

We all do it and we know we do it sometimes.  Take a look at this great post by Daisy over at Add-Vodka!

We think we know but we really have no idea how to market ourselves, enter Nell of Housewife Empire.  Bookmark this site because I know you will be returning like I have been or better yet print it out and put it under your pillow. 

Ever wonder if there was a discrepancy in the three credit reporting agencies.  Make sure you pull your reports from the three!  Come visit Along for the Journey and see what they had to say!

Unfortunately this edition is on Monday, which means as you read this, I am sitting at my desk buried in excel spreadsheets singing Justin Timberlake in my head…Ahhhhhhhhh until tomorrow, enjoy the day!

I almost forgot, I got around this week so take a look at where I was: 

Is a degree worth the debt?  over at Life and My Finances

Make Money Make Cents

Short Road to Retirement

The College Investor

Odd Cents

Carnival of Retirement: Editors Pick!

The Frugal Toad

Personal Finance Whiz

I feel that it is always an honor when a fellow blogger takes the time to recognize one of my posts to be worthy to share with their readership and for this I say THANK YOU!

That is not me in the picture dancing. 🙂
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19 thoughts on “Monday edition of the Five for Friday, Weekend Recap or whatever you want to call it!

    1. @ Robert – Thanks for hosting it and getting the swap together!

  1. It’s like you KNEW I missed all the five for friday posts last week. I was swamped with mad overtime at work during the latter half of the week, so thanks for coming around and making sure I didn’t miss any of the good stuff this morning 🙂

    I’m psyched about the Roth IRA blogging movement happening tomorrow… recent college graduates can benefit the most from opening a Roth IRA and so few of them even know what it is!

    1. @GB – I read your mind this morning when I was working on the post. 🙂 Tomorrow will be a big day with the Roth IRA Movement, unfortunately I will be at a conference all day for work and I will have to check the progress on my Razr. 🙁 Are you posting an article for the Roth IRA Movement?

      1. I don’t think so… I didn’t take time this weekend to work on a post, but I’ll probably compile links to my favorite posts of the day and share them on my blog, in addition to doing a Facebook and Twitter blast about the movement. So many people in my networks are current students or recent grads so it kindof feels like my duty to share the message!

        1. @ GB – definitely get the word out there. So many of the young people of society do not know of the great retirement products that are available. We need to educate!

  2. Congrats on getting featured on all of those blogs this past week. Even an editor’s pick! Nice work Christopher! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. @Jeremy – Thanks hopefully all the hard work will pay off in the end and I can relax on some deserted island and blog all day!

  3. These are great picks, Christopher. Personally, I enjoyed reading these particular publications. Missed the Five for Friday post, but I’m happy to see it as today’s post.

    1. @ Anthony – Thanks my man, I am glad you find the posts interesting. I know I enjoyed reading them. I enjoy reading your posts over there at the JoyfulSelfmanager. Keep up the good content and thanks for stopping by. Are you participating in the Roth IRA Movement tomorrow?

  4. Messing with excel spreadsheets all day just sounds like fun! Although my eyes start to hurt if I stare at a computer too long.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. @ WorkSaveLive – after 4 years of living in excel you get pretty good at it. I am all about simplifying my job now, after spending the past just learning the functions of my job I am using access and excel to simplify and automate functions.. 🙂 Do you work in Excel and Access a lot? They are very powerful tools. I am on an email users list for excel and some of the functions that people have excel doing are mind boggling. Thanks for stopping by and I really enjoyed your readers question post today!

  5. Justin Timberlake? You’ve got to get that out of your head. The shirts are cool, but where is the V-Neck option …

    1. @ MyMoneyDesign – already gone !! For some reason, I don’t know how that song made its way onto my ipod.

  6. Awww!!! Thanks for the shout-out! I’m all about some marketing, man! I’ve been hanging out on your blog quite a bit too – and I’m gonna keep coming back. By the way… You suuure that’s not you dancing in that pic?? 😉

    1. @ Nell – I am the one in the back left that looks like I don’t know what I am doing. 🙂 You really had a great post that I printed out and I have been working my way through and highlighting important points to implement!

    1. @ Daisy – thanks for pointing it out that there are things that are very ridiculous that we do just to save a buck. 🙂 It was a great read and made me chuckle at some of the things that you do…because some of them I do as well!

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