Modernizing Your Rental Property

Modern design used to be synonymous with harsh lines and an overall sterile feeling. These days, it means something entirely different. In today’s home design, “going modern” means something wholly different: using sturdy materials, evoking emotion with lighting, and curating a home that’s sleek yet comfortable, clean yet inviting. If you own a rental property and you want to incentivize high-quality tenants to rent your space, use these tips to make your property more modern.

Modernizing rental property

Glass Is Your Friend

Using glass in your rental property isn’t always cheap, but you can strategically use this medium to go modern—without draining your bank account. Because glass offers a beautiful sheen (so long as you keep it clean) while allowing light to pass through, you can take advantage of contemporary feel while making every room feel larger. The transparency makes for a great way to lighten up otherwise dark rooms. Glass is also easy to complement with a variety of decorations and furniture options, which tenants will appreciate; after all, you want your space to be something they can imagine themselves in.

Bring in the Light

Installing strategic lighting is a great way to modernize your rental property. Select bronze or copper light fixtures, or incorporate pendant lighting in the kitchen—these stylish additions can bring more traditionally styled homes into the 21st century. Task lighting is a great way to entice tenants, and the fusion of practicality and style is sure to draw in more applicants.

Bring in the light

Deck the Halls with Contemporary Art

If you rent out a furnished home, don’t underestimate the power of art. Contemporary pieces can bring a room up to date in one fell swoop, and mixing and matching different art pieces throughout the home gives you plenty of flexibility. As eclectic, mismatched décor becomes more popular, your options are virtually limitless.

You Don’t Have to Stick with Neutral

Most landlords stick with neutral colors when painting their rental units, but there’s a lot to be said for color accents. If you do furnish the property, you can include colorful furniture, lamps, even textiles! You can also opt for accent walls. Adding a bit of color in the sitting room or bedroom can be an enticing draw for prospective tenants.

Bid Adieu to Excess

Much of contemporary design is centered on minimalism. If you’re staging your rental for an open house or taking professional photography of the space before putting in on the market, be sure to get rid of any clutter. Clean lines are important; if there’s opulent crown molding that’s seen its day or gaudy wallpaper, think about the type of tenant you’re trying to attract. If you’d like to land a millennial renter, you may need to update these kinds of features.

Don’t Neglect the Outside

Don’t forget to take your modernizing upgrades outdoors. Curb appeal is important, and drawing in tenants means paying attention to the details. Modern landscaping is centered on sustainability. Gone are the lush green lawns of the past—the drought conditions in many areas have made this unattainable. Modern renters are more concerned with sustainable features than previous generations. Investing in native landscaping can help your tenants save money on utilities (less spent on watering), and reduce maintenance needs for both parties.

Protect Your Investment

Investing in these modern upgrades is essential, but protecting your investment is priority. After putting in time and money into updating your property, make sure you take the time to vet every applicant thoroughly. Use a service that provides screening reports for your applicants. Getting information on their credit history, employment history, and criminal past can help you make the right decision for your property—and your bottom line.

Improving your rental property with modern upgrades can bring in high-quality, long-term tenants. Consider investing in these features and watch profitability skyrocket.