Migrating to another server + MORE

Migrating to another server + MORE

Do You Save & Spend Like the Rest of Your Generation?
The economic conditions in which you’ve grown up have undoubtedly influenced your financial habits and attitude toward money, whether you realize it or not.
The result is that each widely-recognized generation group in the last several decades has drastically different statistics for spending and saving, as well as notable pitfalls and strengths…

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The Expectation Game

– thesimepledollar.com

When you think of the people you actually value in your life, what do you think about?
Do you think about the times you’ve shared together? Do you think about the laughs you’ve shared? Do you think about the times that person has come through for you? Do you think of the things that person has accomplished and the track their life has taken?
Or do you think about how shiny their car is or the clothes they wear?
I’m going to just speculate here that the last question is not what you think about when you think of the people that actually matter to you…

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Are you saving when you should be spending?

– getrichslowly.org/blog

This guest post is from Jacob McMillen. He likes to write about topics for men and teach people how using Save1 Eastbay coupons can help feed starving children around the world. More often than not, the best way to save a dollar is to not spend it in the first place. There is no shortage of tips, tricks and methods available for saving $5 here and 35¢ there…

Summer of Saving: Month 1 Recap

– 20somethingfinance.com/

Summer of Saving: Month 1 RecapWe’re one month in to the Summer of Saving concept, and I wanted to quickly take stock and recap the first month and get some feedback before moving on.
In the inaugural post, I discussed what the Summer of Saving series was all about and why I was doing it. In that post, I highlighted a spreadsheet that you can use throughout this series to track the actions you want to take and how much you predict it will end up saving you…

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Migrating to another server

– retireby40.org/

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for any inconveniences, but our host server were under DDOS attack over the last week or so. I’m back from vacation now and I’m working to migrate to another host ASAP.
Right now we are missing articles from March up to the present. I’ll try to get them restored as soon as I can…

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