Medical Marijuana Industry: A New Business and Investment Opportunity

Medical Marijuana Industry: A New Business and Investment Opportunity

Medical Marijuana - Words and Leaf IconThe medical marijuana business is a new business that has been growing steadily in the past several years. While completely illegal before, it is slowly coming out as a much needed substance because of its medical properties. Private marijuana investors are taking advantage of this sudden need. This article will help illuminate some of the new investment’s features and facts.

What Makes This Drug So Special?

Marijuana, or cannabis, comes from the Cannabis plant. It is native to Central and South Asia. The plant has three distinct subspecies, and almost every part of it can be used.

It has also been considered as one of the least dangerous drugs used, and one of the least, if not least, addictive. Many studies have been taken to try and prove whether or not marijuana affects the brain, all of them coming back as either limited or zero. Long-term consumption of marijuana may cause a little memory loss but only to a certain degree; the impact is otherwise minimal.

Despite the illegalization of it in many parts of the world, medics have been taking advantage of marijuana’s medical properties for hundreds, even thousands of years, as shown by some ancient fossil records. Some of the most well-known effects of medical marijuana include:

  • Decreased eyes pressure, useful in treating glaucoma
  • The alleviation of nausea and vomiting
  • Being a source of a general pain reliever in certain parts of the body
  • Inducing hunger, a useful effect most often used on certain patients
  • Helping stave off and control epileptic seizures

A few other recent studies have shown that medical marijuana can even stop the spreading of breast cancer cells with no painful side effects, due to a certain chemical found solely in marijuana. With many other uses still being discovered and tested, many doctors have considered this plant to be a benefit in the medical area.

After almost a century of the plant use being illegal, medical marijuana has finally been allowed to be used in many states in America, though it is still banned at the federal level. The clashing of the federal laws and the legal card holders of certain registered state has been the cause of many marijuana-related problems. A good example is that of the medical Colorado marijuana, one of the first to become legally registered.

Marijuana in the Food Department

Despite marijuana being grown in large amounts, it is still hard for some people to get a hold of the medical marijuana that they so desperately need. Luckily, some people have managed to overcome this hurdle by making their own marijuana business.

Such a person is Tripp Keber who started to grow, cultivate and add marijuana into food. His business, Dixie Elixirs, manufactures Colorado marijuana, infuses them into products and sells them online to the people who need them. The products, ranging from drinks to chocolates to bath salts, have been infused with the marijuana in such a way that they can be used by anyone with a need for the drug; in other words, it can be used by anyone no matter their symptom to be treated.

Private Investments and their Investors

The sudden surge for the need of medical marijuana has given private investors a large profit in a small time frame. A marijuana business is noted by the fact that the cannabis plant can take only a few months to grow, giving the grower enough time to harvest and sell the produce. Investors take interest in the profit margin of this new investment, as they have found it to be a surprisingly steady source of income.

The Benefits of Having a Marijuana Business

Starting your own medical marijuana business is a venture that can benefit many people, including you. As pointers, the best reasons to start growing medical marijuana are:

  • Not many people are doing it, as they are scared of facing the federal laws it still falls under, so you have significantly less competition than many other businesses.
  • The plant has so many medical applications that its usefulness is unquestioned.
  • You will be helping many people who are in dire need of the medical marijuana’s properties, as it is difficult to obtain.
  • For cultural hobbyists or botanists looking for something different, a marijuana investment can be something good for them to try, as it gives a certain level of challenge to raise the plant effectively and harvest it for the maximum product available.

A Risky Venture

While a marijuana investment appears to be a good business to have, the fact that marijuana is being highly demanded has its risks. When new investors seek to take out loans to help fund their new business, they will find themselves having to go through private investors. Even then, you will have to find the right one as many investors are unwilling to lend money for investments they call high-risk. No one wants to have their business or investment shut down over funding a new investment, especially if it is marijuana.

Funding a new marijuana business is a delicate and somewhat risky process, and you need to be careful in who you invest with and how much. Some private investors insist on a certain percentage of the profit, as they will want to get something out of lending money for a still dangerous venture. That being the case, you may find yourself being in more debt for a longer time, though many consider it to be not worth worrying about.

On the health side, while many medical professionals are quite supportive of the growing medical marijuana business, their support does have its limits. Despite the uses, many health specialists feel that the use of marijuana even for medical purposes can have negative effects on the patients. Some of the issues many people still worry about, and some of the reasons why it is still not fully legalized, are:

  • Smoking

Though smoking medical marijuana may be considered quite healthy, professionals worry that it may encourage people to smoke more often. Smoking is dangerous for the health and attempts by the government to control it have been going on for years. The simple visual of seeing people smoking, despite it being for medical reasons, can stimulate others into feeling that smoking anything is alright.

  •  Overdose

An overdose of any drug, including medical marijuana, is dangerous. Some medical professionals feel that the spreading of the marijuana business will cause patients to encourage themselves to take more than what they really need, all for the sake of wanting to get better. While it is their health care managers who has to supervise their intake of the drug, patients cannot be watched all the time. Addictions to the feelings the drug produces in them may cause them to look for other, possibly less legal, sources of marijuana.

  • Greed

Starting and having a medical marijuana investment can be greatly beneficial towards both grower and the eventual patients. However, there is always the risk of the investor to become greedier for money. He or she may start selling their produce to other people for non-medical use to get more money out of the system.

Should You Start Your Own Marijuana Investment?

The real question is: are you willing to put up with all the trials and risks that you will undoubtedly put yourself through in order to set up and keep this business? Apart from making sure that the plants are grown and harvested carefully, you will have to deal with meeting clients’ demands and making sure that you do not sell to the wrong hands.

Most people are completely put off from the fact that they usually have to start off by signing up with an investor who might try to rip them off for as long as possible. The marijuana business is a new and fast growing one, and many try to take advantage of it in any way possible. Until it can be properly controlled and its output regulated, this new business will have to continue to fight the federal laws for a right to remain present in society.

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  1. alex

    overdose???? Are you kidding?????? There has never been a documented case of anyone overdosing on marijuana, it is physically impossible.

    1. MoneyPerk

      Hey alex, i appreciate the feedback. You are right, you cannot overdose and die from marijuana. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot overdose at all.

      People smoke this stuff like cigarettes here in Colorado. Smoking anything like that is not recommended. Therefore, it is considered an overdose.

      overdose: describes the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities greater than are recommended.

      Thanks for stopping by Alex.

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