Living Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

Living Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

king  It is possible to look, feel, and live like a king even when you aren’t by just turning your attention to what makes you happy.  Living well on very little money really is a challenge of perspective.  We all want a bit of the good life, but everyone has a different perspective on what that really means.  If you want to live better on less here are some ideas on just how you can make that happen.

Glorious Food

Even on a budget, it is possible to prepare delicious, convenient meals that are more enjoyable and far more economical than eating out.  Even though buying in bulk may seem more economical, according to one government study, consumers waste nearly half the food that they buy.  The key to avoiding such unnecessary waste is buying just enough for a few days meals at once.  Planning those purchases around a menu can also help.  Other great ways to save money is to buy at farmer’s markets, natural food co-operatives or fresh produce stands.  Also, be sure to take advantage of coupons and store specials, as well as purchasing foods when they are in season in order to get the most value for your grocery dollar.

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Having a Dream Wardrobe Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Some of the best, most chicly dressed people in the world don’t spend a fortune on their clothes. Today, fashion is more about personal style and creativity than cost.  Great looks and impeccable quality of workmanship are affordable if you know where to look.  Buying second hand at consignment shops, second hand stores and online auctions such as eBay are all great places to find bargains on clothing.  A designer ensemble can be had for little money, yet still be just as durable and good looking.  Great accessories can make an ordinary outfit into a outstanding ensemble.  Just a well-placed scarf that is artfully draped, or a unique pin, necklace can make a signature style.


Here are a few more simple tips you can use to feel rich even on a limited budget:


  •  Set up an automatic bill payment plan. For monthly expenses, particularly those which are consistently the same amount each month, set up for these to be automatically paid. This helps avoid late payments or penalties. If you tend to be disorganized, an automatically deducted payment remembers for you and paying your bills on time is beneficial for your credit rating.
  •  Transportation costs can be expensive. Take advantage of public transportation, carpooling, walking or bicycling in order to save money if you live close enough to your job. On those times when you are traveling longer distance and a car is needed, rental car rates can be very low and are far less than the cost of a car payment and insurance each month.
  •  In the winter time, turn down your thermostat and layer your clothing. By turning down the thermostat even a few degrees, you can save a surprising amount on your utility bills. Close off any rooms in your house or apartment that are used less frequently during the winter months for further savings. Conversely, in the summertime, draw the shades to keep rooms cool and set your air conditioner to run intermittently if you are not home during the day Run your appliances such as washer, dryer and dishwasher during off-peak hours in order to save the most on your utilities.
  •  Go to the movies on off-hours. Sometimes seeing a first release movie or play in the afternoon on weekdays or Sunday afternoons can cost a fraction of the price of seeing the same thing during the evening hours. Check listings online or through a theater’s answering service to find out the best price.
  •  If you tend to go out less, but still like a good book or movie, The digital revolution has changed absolutely every aspect of music, movies and entertainment, including how we consume them and how much they cost.. These days it’s no longer necessary to have to go out to the movies, to the local book or video store in order to get the most for our entertainment dollar. Many websites such as Hulu, YouTube and Amazon have free content available. On any given week, Amazon gives away hundreds of free books, game aps, MP3’s. Of course, most public libraries will also loan eBooks, videos, DVD’s, even games and audio programs to patrons as well as books.

Living a rich life on a budget is possible and you can do it on a modest income. You can do it by doing what the wealthy themselves do and that is by getting the most value for your money. By delaying your desire for gratification, buying things on sale, or bargaining for the best possible.