Kidgy App Controls your Kid Online Life with a Respect to their Privacy

Kidgy App Controls your Kid Online Life with a Respect to their Privacy

Parents can be happier now knowing that there is an app that provides effective way for managing their kids` behavior online. has been designed in a way to give parents more spare time by not having to call or text their kids to see where they are at every poi t of time as well as to understand their digital life and to protect their kids from cyber-bullying, online harassment and other potential risks. Kidgy is successful brand that gives you the opportunity to manage the online activities of your little ones. One of the best things about it is that in helps in building trust with your child.

Kidgy app comes in handy as it sends information straight from your kid’s phone. With the SMS tracker you can constantly monitor the daily routine of your child, and the GPS tracker will provide you with their exact position no matter where they are. You also get to know all the names of their contacts as well as their numbers. Cyber-bullying is effectively eliminated, because you can easily block unwanted numbers so your kid will never be bothered again. It is as simple as that. Prevention is always the best solution when it comes to online dangers, and delivers just that.

Besides calls, this app allows you to easily monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages. You can check out even those text messages that your child has deleted because it was too embarrassed or scared to tell you about. Nothing is hidden and you can review all with just a few simple touches on the screen.

How about that great Panic alarm button? You will never have to worry about anything as all your kid has to do is just touch the button and you will be immediately notified about their exact GPS position and location in real-time.

You think your kids spend too much time on social networks or watch too many videos on YouTube? No worries, you can manage that too. Just use kidgy to restrict access to certain apps remotely. That is what any responsible parent would do, because social networks are the main places where online predators operate under fake profiles. A couple of clicks and all your worries would be gone.

The scheduler and task manager is another great feature of the Kidgy app. It serves as a virtual family assistant, so through the app you can schedule different tasks that your kid should do.( like do homework or even wash dishes) That way you can easily synchronize all of your children`s daily activities and will build up mutual trust. This feature is perfect for teaching children the ways to better manage their spare time.

There are many other great features too, but as you can see for yourself, with Kidgy app you will always be there for your child, even remotely. Not just that, but your bond will also become stronger. The application is really simple and easy to use, and you do not have to have a special digital knowledge in order to use it. It comes in one page report for every of your children. You will quickly learn how Kidgy app works, simply go to App Store or Google Play and get your 7 day free trial to firstly test the app.