Keep it Simple, Silly!

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Keep It Simple and Master the Complicated

In a room full of women dressed in the most expensive designer dresses, the girl who wore the simplest dress shone the most. That is how it is, the magic lies in the most honest and plain bodies.

Too often people complicate their lives trying to look intelligent or different. What they don’t really realize is that the universe is already very complicated. A million stars, a planet with water, gravity that keeps us to the surface, a ball of fire giving us heat, love, all these cannot be explained properly. Yet, we still want to over-do things, to stand out. The answers we seek to find lies in the simplest places. The universe is telling us to keep it straight. That is how you reach the heights.

In this fast moving world, we’ve all become programmed to the constant competition. To win this race to success, we are complicating our ideas to appear unique. Myth: The more complicated your business, the less likely anyone will be able to copy it. Yes of course, because people smarter than you are looking for simpler ways to do the same thing! Having a simple business model does have the risk of duplication. What you have to really focus upon is what actually drives your economic returns. Your intelligence is proved when you can make people realize the worth of “your” product even if the market is flooded with similar products. Why are you better than the rest? Traders usually spend their time focusing on themselves, their product, and the company, beating around the bush, sugarcoating the customer with unnecessary deals, rather than focusing on how their product or service will directly benefit the customer. The moment they get too technical and complex is the moment they start to lose the sale. For example, if you are selling a pen drive, instead of telling your customer that it can hold 32GB of memory, you can tell them that the pen drive can hold up to 25 to 30 movies.

Unnecessary complexities can be avoided by adopting a simpler design. The most complex situations have simple answers. You can dominate without competition if you are willing to go the extra step and invest in effort, and what follows will be easy. People will buy it, if they understand it. There is direct relation between the complications of the directive and people’s confidence in the product or service. Not only is it important for the customers to understand the vision, it’s is equally important for all the team members and business associates to understand the business model as well.

Complicated strategies take longer time to be implemented and more efforts. Simpler solutions help you to stick to your track and measure results more efficiently. Choose the simplest, most direct solution with the fewest number of steps. Because that always is the right answer.

Don’t be so darn sophisticated. Keep it simple silly!