How to Keep Your Employees Loyal to You and Your Company


Interestingly enough, a research by Harvard Business School states that 2 out of every 5 managers fail in their projects or even lose their jobs in the first 18 months, and the primary reason behind it is because their best employees have left the jobs or their employees don’t feel motivated enough at their jobs. It isn’t incorrect to say that people don’t leave a company, but they quit their bosses. So, how are you supposed to stop your best people in your team from leaving their jobs, or how do you make your team work more enthusiastically? Let us find out through this article, shall we?

  • Most managers are under the impression that every employee working under them is replaceable, but to be honest, no one is actually replaced, but only succeeded. When a good employee is succeed by a not-so-good employee, key knowledge and skills are also gone with the person. It is important for managers to realize that employees are not things, but people who need to be recognized for their qualities and hard work.
  • As the manager, it is your solemn responsibility to make sure you bring out the best in your teammates. If you start seeing every good employee as your potential threat, you would soon have no one doing any good work. The real key to success is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. Insecurity is just going to take you down.
  • It is true that you are the boss, and all your employees will have to respect your decision, but nothing is worse than being arrogant about your seat of power. It is important for you be humble, and treat everyone with courtesy and respect. It is crucial for you to give everyone a chance to present their ideas or counter your decisions. A certain level of freedom of speech will take your business a long way.
  • Every once in a while, you could appreciate your employees for their hard work and sincerity. IF you make them feel loved and respected, they will never leave your side. Keep them motivated and spread only positive energy. If they feel they aren’t progressing much in their workplace, they will feel the urge to quit and try something else or look for another job.

How you treat your employee is what determines your future.