June Grocery Spending Update (with pictures!)

June Grocery Spending UpdateAs promised, here’s the update on exactly how much my family spent on groceries in June, complete with pictures.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – accountability is a huge part of successfully reaching goals, and the blog has given me the accountability I needed to save more.

June’s groceries came in at a grand total of…$254.67.

How did I do it? Check out this post and this one too for more details.

Confession time: the numbers look like I totally rocked my goal, but we were out of town for a total of 9 days during the month of June. So, in reality, I was probably a little higher than my goal of $300/month.

Hy-Vee did offer fuel saver rewards on some of the products purchased. We earned $1.79/gallon credit for gas up to 20 gallons. Since we use the full 20 gallons at the discounted rate, the amount saved in gas through these grocery purchases is $35.80 for the month.  If you figure that into the grocery expenses, it brings my total down to $218.87.

With summer here and my kids home, I no longer have to drive into the city to pick up my daughter from school. Instead of driving to pick up cheaper groceries, I choose to utilize the stores within a short distance from me, so groceries may cost a little more, but I am saving time and fuel expenses.

I should be able to come in under budget in July, as garden produce will be ready to harvest and enjoy. Stay tuned, as I’ll keep track of what the garden produces as well as grocery spending.

So, grocery voyeurs, below are the photos of the actual food purchased, stores I shopped, and money spent. Enjoy!

(I’m still working on my photography skills, please be patient with me!)

June Grocery 1June Grocery 2June Grocery 3June Grocery 4June Grocery 5June Grocery 6June Grocery 7June Grocery 8June Grocery 10

June strawberries June mulberries 1beets June

Not pictured (sorry!): Brats – $19.90 (10 packages for Father’s Day celebration) and bread – $4 (four loaves)

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10 thoughts on “June Grocery Spending Update (with pictures!)

  1. Looking good. With three teenagers food expenses are still one of our biggest challenges.

    1. Thanks, Brian! Yes, I get “we don’t have anything to eat” frequently- which means, “there is nothing I can just grab and open so I don’t have to exert any effort”. I mean, how much effort does it take to make a sandwich? Honestly, there are always plenty of options! 🙂

  2. Nice! You got some pretty big hauls there! Can’t wait to see more garden pics!

    1. Thanks! More garden pics to come – and I believe their is a garden post in my future.

  3. The grocery pictures by itself look very healthy and delicious! Just out of curiosity, was your grocery spending your entire spending for food? Spending $250 for an entire family sounds like a steal!

    1. Thank you! I try to prepare healthy meals most of the time and don’t buy much junk food. Good question! We spent $3.99 on dining out in the month of June (must’ve been a snack!?), and I’m not including our vacation (9 days). Otherwise this is what we spent on food for the month. That said, we do buy 3/4 of a grass fed steer each year, so it helps to have that on hand (if I prorated the cost of the beef, it would come to just under $100/month) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I cannot believe how much you got for that price. Nice job getting a good deal without having to skimp on quality.

    1. Thanks, Stefan! The main thing I do is buy mostly the loss leaders (the items the stores use on the front and back of their ads to get people in the stores). Yes, pretty good quality groceries, for the money!

  5. Wow that’s incredible you’re able to keep to such a low budget on food. Looks super healthy too! Is this just for you? I think my wife and I spend 3x that!

    1. Thanks MrSLM! Actually this is for 2 adults and 2 teens (adult size!). No coupons, but I shop carefully and cook nearly every day. Thanks for stopping by!:)

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