Investors Hold on for Dear Life! A Rollercoaster Ride to Financial Independence

Investors Hold on for Dear Life! A Rollercoaster Ride to Financial Independence

The only way to gain financial independence or financial freedom is by acquiring a steady source of income which becomes passive over time. This simply means your money runs and profits by itself without you lifting a single finger. The concept of financial independence is a gray area for a lot of people and it is sad to think that only a fraction of the global population know that working up the corporate ladder is not the way to go; rather placing your time and effort on the right investments and reaping more that you have ever dreamed of.

The Rollercoaster Ride to Riches

The richest people in the world are businessmen and investors. However, most of these people living over the top, luxurious lifestyles didn’t start out as rich men. In fact, a lot of these people came from humble beginnings, working two maybe three jobs just to put food on the table. The difference between these rich investors and you is their outlook and perception about money and life in general. They believe that the way to live a free and abundant life is never going to happen with employment. So these investors take the narrow path and ride the rollercoaster of business and stock market investment.

Stock market investing is an industry full of ups and downs and sharp curves. Being able to withstand the temporary pit falls of this industry will eventually raise you up to financial independence and more. Putting your money in the stock market can be truly risky. But if you take due diligence and equip yourself with the runs of stock market investing, you can easily roll your money where it can multiply.

Financial Independence is not a Sprint

Setting yourself up for financial independence and greatness is a whole different rollercoaster of its own. Aside from the twists and turns of the world of finance and stock market investing, there are even greater hurdles that you need to face to reach financial retirement and freedom. The biggest and single most opposing factor for you to become financially free is no other than yourself. It isn’t enough to have big dreams and become one of those investors. The most crucial point in investing is the gap between where you are today and where you will be once you are financially free.

Oftentimes, people get to the conclusion that business and investment is not for them only because they failed to make enough money to reinvest. The problem is not the industry but the way you see things. Like sports, there is a huge different between a marathon and a sprint. Sprints happen incredibly fast and end just as quick. A marathon, on the other hand is a very long race, with a series of long laps, where runners initially start slow so as not to overtire themselves at the beginning of the race.

In the marathon life of reality, people tend to go for sprints with short distances, fast pacing and instant gratification. Unfortunately, like sprints, you tire out easily as you spend all of your energy all in one go, only to get a short lived or one time win. Investors on the other hand take their time during the start of the race, making sure to employ every strategy to stay in the competition. In anything and everything, patience is the key. Always remember that financial independence through stock market investing isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but a get rich sure plan.