Increasing Employee Productivity in the Office

Employee efficiency

Ensuring your employees aren’t distracted and are performing at optimal levels can be hard for any employer. It is vital for the employer to find out what is causing the employees to lose their productivity and help them remove these distractions. Although many people believe that working all day impacts productivity in a positive way; many employers have discovered that many employees are productive for less than five hours.

For the employees to be more productive, the office has to offer a conducive place to work. About 46% of people leave meetings without any idea what it was about. This is unfortunate because these meetings are beneficial to the employees and the business. For everyone gets the most out of meetings, it is best to hold short meetings in the morning hours. Some people recommend holding standing meetings to keep people alert, improve group performance and switch things up.

Multitasking can be an enemy of productivity. Despite people’s ability to do two tasks or more at the same time, psychologists have found that it can lead to time wastage and poor performance. Handle one job at a time to ensure commitment and optimal results.

Take regular breaks between work. Sitting down the whole day can be counter productive that is why it is recommended to walk around the office to get some exercise. Using treadmill desks at the office is a popular trend that allows people to walk as they work. Others prefer going to the gym before or after work to get their exercise. Regardless of the exercise method you choose, it helps you clear your head and keep blood flowing.

The use of technology and social media can be applied to increase productivity as it helps employees connect with their colleagues and the client. However, the employer needs to track their use to prevent the employees from wasting a lot of time there. They can ban the use of social media on workstations. For more interesting facts check the infographic below.

Anatomy of a Happy, Productive Office