“In God we Trust” and the U.S. dollar bill

The United States has been putting “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency ever since anyone living today can remember. It would be nice to believe that the country as a whole does believe in God but the United States government does not. In fact, during these modern times, the government has legalized a few laws that certainly demonstrate their inabilty to run a government according to the laws and ordinances of God. In other words, the government would rather support the many social groups within this great country instead. Even though its hard to say, the government should take off that four letter word from each dollar bill in America. 

When the government first started this practice they were rightous and pure. However, things have changed drastically in the last couple of years. The government continues to rise its debt without any effort to minimize it. After all, God does warn us about getting into massive debts, but the key word is effort in that last sentence. The lack of effort means they don’t have any obedience to follow the laws and ordinances of God. In fact, the Obama administration has accomplished to obtain more debt in the last six years than ever before. Hold on tight though as the following information is going to get worse.

Its not only the governments lack of effort to create a balanced budget. More importantly though, its the fact that the government is willing to support the option to kill an innocent human being. What?! Yes, the UNITED STATES government legalized abortion when God clearly demonstrates that life begins at the moment of conception. Therfore, abortion is obviously some degree of murder. Maybe the smallest degree possible but definitely still considered murder as you stop something from growing. Humans chose who they wanted as parents down on this earth, even before being born on this wicked planet. Therefore, how would you feel if the Father in Heaven rejected you from enterning his Kingdom? Its no different than you, as parents, rejecting an unborn baby. Which is another reason why the government should take off “in God we trust.”