If you want to see capitalism in action, go to Hong Kong.

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality Milton Friedman edition.  While working in the field of finance/economics we become cognizant of others who have made an impact in our line of work.  Milton Friedman was born this day in 1912.  He was an economic advisor to Ronald Reagan and his monetary theory influenced the Federal Reserves response to the global financial crisis.  He was named by The Economist as the most influential economist of the second half of the 20th Century.  If you are bored Google his name there is a great deal that he contributed to modern day monetary policy and economics.

Now on to what we have all been waiting for, this weeks picks for the Festival of Frugality.

Neal Frankle presents Should You Have A Joint Bank Account With Your Spouse? posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Emily presents Why We’re Not Getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Even Though It’s a Great Deal posted at Evolving Personal Finance.

David presents Back to School- 5 Computer Deals for Students posted at Piggy Bank Builder.

Philip Taylor presents How to Conquer Those Monthly Expenses for Good posted at PT Money: Personal Finance.

Martin presents Every Little Detail to Help You Move Without Losing Your Mind posted at Studenomics.

Pierre presents Why Is It So Hard To Do The Right Thing? posted at Intelligent Speculator.

Green Panda presents Should You Be Saving 50% of Your Income? posted at Green Panda Treehouse.

Lance presents It Pays to Ask For More – Coke Zero Commercial “And…?” posted at Money Life & More.

VH presents Overpackaged! How Much Is This Debris Costing Us? posted at Funny about Money.

Roshawn Watson presents Your Money Personality: Tightwads or Spendthrift? posted at Watson Inc.

Robert presents Home Improvement Projects to Save Money posted at The College Investor.

Darrow Kirkpatrick presents Larceny and Road Kill: Self-Insuring Revisited posted at Can I Retire Yet?.

Liza @ Financial Highway presents Grocery Shopping on a Budget posted at Financial Highway.

Penny Thots presents Chickens: Are They for You? posted at Penny Thots.

Jefferson presents Six Ways To Listen to Music Online For Free posted at See Debt Run.

Katie presents Save money on small business marketing… by DIY blogging! posted at The Discount Coder Blog.

Emma-Lou Montgomery presents 5 Reasons Why You Should Scrap This Year’s Holiday posted at TotallyMoney.

CCS presents Use a Balance Transfer Credit Card to Save Money as You Pay Off Debt posted at Credit Card Smarts.

Glen Craig presents Grow Your Own Garden This Summer to Save at the Grocery Store posted at Free From Broke .

Ben Feldman presents Can The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Help You? posted at ReadyForZero Blog.

Sicorra presents Are You an Impulse Spender? posted at Tackling Our Debt.

Jeremy presents Does Everyone Need An Emergency Fund? posted at Modest Money.

Teacher Man presents Student Lines of Credit posted at My University Money.

PITR presents Why Blogging is a Respectable Business posted at Passive Income To Retire.

Aloysa presents My Top 10 Worst Shopping Mistakes posted at My Broken Coin.

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