If You Don't Mind Volatility, Deere Could Still Do Alright + MORE

If You Don't Mind Volatility, Deere Could Still Do Alright + MORE

I Was Dead Wrong on Netflix

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Back in December, when Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) was under $100 a share, I penned a column about how the stock seemed overvalued despite analyst upgrades and strong earnings.
Now that NFLX is at $225, it’s time to admit that was a bad call.
In my defense, I did a bit of an about-face and more recently wrote that Netflix might move big after earnings in April … and it’s up 40% since then…

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Cline Shale: The Newest, Hottest Shale Oil Play

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There’s an old 1950s Texas saying that goes something like this: “A few oil wells makes ranching a fine business.” But after the initial boom that ended in the 1970s, Texas oil seemed like it was heading in the direction of “all hat and no cattle.”
Fast-forward to 2007…
The technology of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing opened up the potential of the Barnett Shale…

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This Unloved Industry Is Poised For An Economy-Fueled SurgeInsurance agents reach for the antacids whenever the economy slows down.

Their clients start to look for ways to trim costs, and reduced insurance coverage (and the smaller premiums they are charged) eats into the insurers' bottom lines. Any hopes of actually raising insurance premiums go out the window, as a client will quickly jump ship to a rival in search of a better deal…

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Though Deere’s shares sold off after earnings, the business model is sound and rolling along.    

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Has 3D Systems got the strong legs investors are hoping for?    

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Severn Trent Rejects Bid Approach

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LONDON — The shares of Severn Trent  dropped 50 pence to £20.27 during early London trade this morning after the FTSE 100 member said it had rejected a bid proposal.
Severn Trent, which supplies water to 4.2 million premises in the Midlands and Wales, claimed the takeover approach “completely failed to recognize the existing and potential value” of the group…

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May 15 (Bloomberg) — Mark Travis, chief executive officer
at Intrepid Capital Management Inc., discusses why he shorted
shares of Tesla Motors Inc. Travis talks with Bloomberg’s Pimm
Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock.”

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imgritz wrote:Here’s a little advice from a guy that was madly in love with some assets, got married and divorced X years later. I would protect yourself financially.I’ll second this. Went through the same situation, except I put my wife through dental school and we divorced during her final quarter…

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