I Love the Word Grow and You Should Too

I Love the Word Grow and You Should Too

the word GrowPersonal development is a phrase that we often hear or read when we are talking about improvement to one’s self. But that phrase may be outdated. Because development is not really the word to describe how a person should nurture. Personal growth and development is better.

Development can have its limits. Once you have achieved development, you can stop. You can just use the things that you have learned during your personal development process and just be like that – not moving forward anymore.

But a person should nurture continuously. He or she should not just stop because there is so much to be done in this life. One should never keep themselves from growing and growing and achieving the things that they want and the things that would help other people become better.

Why I Prefer Personal Growth

I think personal growth and development is a much better phrase. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Growth Means a Long Process

Just because we are in a modern world where everything can be done instantly does not mean that we should make our self improvement process quick. Learning things take time. Being able to take things to heart and apply it on our daily lives also takes a lot of time.

Personal growth and development implies that. To be able to grow and nurture, we should go through a long process of shaping ourselves into better people. And this should be emphasized so that people would adapt this progression and make their personal nurturance better.

  • Constant and Continuous

Growing implies constant and continuous development, and that should also be applied to our lives. People should not stop growing. We should do things every single day so that we will not stop nurturing ourselves.

This will make it possible for us to achieve more in life and be fulfilled.

  • Good Environment

Personal growth and development can be achieved by living and doing things in a good environment. People should find a place and people who are able and willing to support them so that they will be able to grow and achieve their goals in life.

Having the resources and having family and friends that will support you will enable you to grow continuously and constantly so take advantage of this.

  • Gainful Outcome

Growing is being able to take a long process of personal growth and development and being able to get the most out of that process. It is also about not stopping and continuing to nurture one’s self to be able to be better and bigger each and every single day. It is also about accomplishing your goals and getting what you dream of.

When you grow, you are not just doing so for nothing. You are growing for a purpose, which you will definitely achieve every day. And because of the process that you have gone through, your achievement is more pleasant. Your purpose is more valuable because you have undergone a long and courageous process to be able to get to where you are.