How To Stretch Your Dollars Without Changing Your Life

How To Stretch Your Dollars Without Changing Your Life


There are better ways to save money than having to crawl under a rock and hide. I know that may be dramatic, but in today’s day and age, it seems that may be the only way to actually save a few pennies. A cup of coffee went from change in the bottom of your purse to having to budget to “just one per week.” A haircut can cost more than filling up a truck with diesel gasoline and going out to dinner is something to have to plan and save for months in advance.

So, how can you actually save for a financially stable future without reverting back to your ramen noodle and cold pizza days. You can actually still maintain your current lifestyle if you just know where to look.

Let’s say you live in San Francisco and since your rent is through the roof, you need to cut corners on your favorite things. You can check out Groupon to nearby local nail salons so you can still get your nails done without spending the full price. You can do the same for a bunch of your favorite other indulgences. Maybe you want to get your teeth whitened or keep your tan up year round.

Another thing you can do is find cheaper alternatives to the things you love to do. Let’s say you enjoy CrossFit to keep in shape, but the $150 a month membership fee is too much. Well, you can still keep an active lifestyle by running the local trails in your neighborhood, playing an outdoor sport (or even joining an intramural league), riding your bike or swimming at a community pool.
There are always ways to tighten your belt. Whatever you choose to do with your spare time, you can now afford with spare change.