How To Save Money When Sending A Parcel

How To Save Money When Sending A Parcel


Thanks to the rise of internet shopping we are now sending and receiving more parcels than ever before. Whether you are you running an online business or sending packages to loved ones abroad, you are aware of the cost that can be involved with shipping parcels both locally and internationally.

Shipping can be a major expense. However, this post is here to help you save some money on packaging and posting parcels by providing you with a few valuable tips.


Find parcel couriers online. You can use delivery comparison websites to get multiple free quotes and save up to 75% off standard delivery rates. Websites like Shiply have a reverse style auction where transporters who are already making similar journeys bid for your delivery, therefore, driving the price of your delivery down.

Make sure you know the exact dimensions and weight when using online websites for quotes. This will ensure you get accurate quotes, if your package is heavier than listed you may be charged extra.

If you are sending with a courier, make sure they have adequate cover as insurance can be costly.


There is so much free and handy information about packaging and postage options on eBay. Do your research! However, please note that you need to be an active member to access information on packaging and shipping techniques on eBay. So sign yourself up its free.

Also, search the internet for forums and blogs with useful free information from other online traders.



Another great way to save money when shipping is to buy packaging in bulk.  You need the right packaging to ensure your items arrive intact.  You can buy boxes, added envelopes and other packing materials such as bubble wrap at a fraction of the cost online on websites like EBay.

Postage Meter

Invest in a postage meter. This is a portable machine with a scale that allows you to weigh packages and get exact postage prices. It also allows you to print shipping labels.

P.s Don’t forget to always include a return address on your parcel just in case it can’t be delivered.