How to Promote Your Ecommerce Site as a Socially Responsible Brand


More and more consumers are taking note of the social and environmental impacts of their purchases. This is leading to real change in the business world, as corporations are having to alter their practices to meet this demand. Fortunately, this is something that’s truly good for everyone, as it’s making the world a better place.

Here are some tips on how to promote your ecommerce site as a socially responsible brand.

Create a Mission Statement That Emphasizes Social Responsibility

Some organizations aim to promote how they’re helping society. This is a great way to attract people to your business, since so many consumers today care about the social impact of their purchases. However, you should try to think deeper than just marketing yourself as socially responsible. The essence of this should be stitched into the fabric of your entire organization. Formulate a mission statement that underscores your desire to make good choices.

Remember, showing is always more effective than telling. When corporate responsibility is central to your organization, not just an afterthought, people will see it as much more genuine.

Set Achievable Goals and Follow Through with Them

Lots of companies try to do too much too fast when adopting a socially conscious approach. Doing this is just setting yourself up for failure because you may fall short of your goals. It’s a much better idea to take small steps that you’re confident are within the scope of your organization’s current position. Your business might grow a negative reputation if you set your hopes too high, but end up falling short.

Do Research into the Places Your Source Your Goods

Almost all ecommerce store owners who are selling goods need to source them from somewhere. Even if you’re building products, you still need to get materials. Consumers in today’s world increasingly care about the ethics behind their purchases. This means more than just whether or not you’re recycling.

Think about how workers are treated at the plants you use for resources. Look up the environmental footprints of the various companies who do business with you. It won’t bode well for you if you brand yourself as socially responsible, but actually work with other organizations that don’t uphold the same standards.

Donate Some of Your Profits

Being generous with your funds is one of the best ways to show consumers that your company is about more than just making money. After all, that’s ultimately what social responsibility comes down to –putting ethics above profits. And it’s increasingly becoming a part of what is ecommerce business, as so many people who favor online shopping are young, and care about corporate responsibility.

You of course don’t need to donate all of your money to charity; but giving some of each sale to a worthy cause is a good deed that won’t go unnoticed. Plus, this might even encourage people to spend more on your ecommerce site if they know some of their money’s going towards helping the world. You should also consider running fundraiser sales where you donate a higher percentage of profits on certain goods for a limited time. These things are beneficial for everyone involved.

Invest in Employee Education and Volunteering

Your company is really only as good as the people running it. If you want to show social responsibility, it’s a good idea to invest time and energy into getting your employees on the same page. This should begin at the hiring process.

Look for candidates who believe in the potential of philanthropic business from the get-go. You’ll also want to continually find ways to get your workers involved with bettering their community—both on the local and global scale. Encouraging socially responsible education and volunteering will promote this within your staff. It’s also a good idea to seek feedback from your employees, as they’ll often have great ideas for improving in this way.

Use Sustainable Practices

There are myriad ways for companies to cut down on waste. The more you do this, the more consumers will appreciate your organizational efforts. Ecommerce can be wasteful since everything needs to be shipped. This requires a lot of packaging materials, which often end up inland fills. Try to minimize your impact on this front by limiting your usage—and opting for eco-friendly options whenever possible.

It’s no longer acceptable for companies to but their bottom line above the health of the earth and society. Consumers are increasingly demanding businesses to be responsible. Do these things if you want to show your organization’s committed to social responsibility.