How to Prepare for Your MBA Entrance Exams in 6 Months

Here is a piece of gem I am putting in your hands that will probably change your life forever.

I’d been getting so many questions from students across the world as to how to go about preparing for b-school admission tests in the next 6 months as most of them are starting with their preparation now.

So here it is – a finely curated article giving you the strategy for the next 6 months, telling you what you should do month-by-month so that you have the best ever preparation plan for CAT, GMAT and everything else that exists in this world of MBA, with which you can score really well, with which you can get into a great b-school, with which you can land up in a high-paying super cool job, thus changing your life forever.

And the best part- you get this holy grail without any price tags attached because we want to make sure that something that benefits the student community as a whole should be accessible to all.

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Here you go…

For people who wish to pursue a degree in Business Administration, it is important that they have knowledge about the happenings around the world. So, if you don’t have a habit of reading the newspaper or even following the news on TV, you better start right away. Reading regularly will help you learn new words and improve your vocabulary for the Verbal Section. If you’re a busy employee or businessman, you can still take time to pursue a higher education. An online mba california will be helpful for you to excel and prepare for a higher step on your career ladder.

You will have to sit for 1-2 hours each day, and revise your concepts. Pick up one topic each day, and solve some problems related to that topic Structure out a plan for the entire week. Divide the topics for each day of the week so that you are on track and you don’t miss out on anything important.
Once you are thorough with the topics (which you will be done in 2-3 months easily), you could start with the mock tests to test your timing. You could try mocks for separate sections or those mocks which cover all the sections. The key to success here is accuracy and quickness.

Do let me know if the article was life-changing enough or not. I’m sure it’ll help you get some clarity.

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