How to Prepare a Good Statement of Purpose

How to Prepare a Good Statement of Purpose

Good statement of purpose writing tips

Often referred to as simply “S.O.P”, a statement of purpose is a very essential document that individuals need to write in order to clearly mention their suitability for a post and why the wish to pursue it. A statement of purpose is needed at the time of enrolling for higher education abroad or in the country, as the case may be. It is divided into certain paragraphs based on laid down parameters that must be followed for the benefit of the writer.

First and foremost, a statement of purpose must be original. It should not be copied from any third party sources. One may refer to websites online or read up SOPs submitted by other fellow students and seniors, but it should be copy pasted from someone else. It is imperative to keep the statement of purpose absolutely genuine since the admission office is bound to read thousands of such write-ups so they can sniff out the one’s pretending to be what they’re not. Also, if you’re applying to a number of institutes, ensure that you modify your draft according to each university.

It is always advised to first prepare a rough draft. This is the time when more and more ideas and thoughts come to your mind. You can then efficiently compile the sentences into a meaningful structure following a pattern. Being clear and crisp with short sentences is the key to express exactly what you want without letting the reader lose interest. You definitely get added brownie points in your kitty if you’re able to write something unique. Creativity coupled with a natural tone and flair for the subject of application are just the per-requisites to produce a good statement of purpose that can be sent to top universities all over the world.

Remember that a statement of purpose is nothing more than a letter that you are sending across to a stranger to convince him why you deserve to be at a place and position. It is not fictitious story-telling but mentioning clearly what you aspire to be and how a particular institute is the best means for you to achieve your dreams. In fact, it is also suggested that you must always revise your SOP before tapping on the send button of your composed mail. It is very important to proofread the document to check for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. These little faults may cause big loss and damage. Thus, they need to be corrected.

The division of paragraphs can be as:

  1. Why have you chosen the particular course?
  2. Why are you interested in the subject?
  3. The family’s academic background and if it influences your course.
  4. Past academic background.
  5. Particular interest in current study.
  6. Internships, training, research and projects undertaken.
  7. Future plans.
  8. Why you have chosen this university (including the ranking of the university, faculty, country, etc.).

Thus, you now know how to prepare a good statement of purpose. You may also ask someone else to read it before submission and give you an honest feedback. This is surely going to help you a lot in the long run and reach great heights of success.