How to Get the Things You Want and Remain of Your Budget

How to Get the Things You Want and Remain of Your Budget

manage a budget

Everbody has things that they want like a home, a car or the newest version of their favorite video game. This is where you need to achieve a balance with your money. You need to stay true to your budget and pay your bills and monthly expenses first, and then you can spend money on the things you want. If you live paycheck to paycheck, this may seem like something you cannot achieve. However, with careful planning, you will have the money to purchase many of the things you want.

Bundling services or getting monthly packages

Many cell phone companies and satellite service providers offer discounts for having more than one service through them, such as television and Internet or several cell phone lines. These discounted cell phone and DIRECTV prices enable you to get more for much less. For example, DIRECTV has many packages that enable you to enjoy your favorite channels for less than other companies that don’t have these bundling options. The same applies to your insurance. If you keep your homeowner’s and your auto insurance with one company, they offer a significant discount for loyalty.

Pay only cash

When you have to pay with cash you will think twice, or maybe even three times about the purchase. Paying with cash also gives you a true sense of how much things cost. If you use a credit card you don’t get a true account of how much you are spending. While credit cards are easy to use, you can rack up a hefty balance in no time at all. The low monthly payments that the credit cards companies require are not there to help you, but rather to help them. If you only pay the minimum payment you will continue to carry a balance and accumulate more interest. Instead, if you prefer to use a card for convenience, then you must pay the bill in full when it’s due. Otherwise, you need to wait until you have the money to cover the entire purchase.

Clipping coupons

Most manufacturers have coupons or run promotions. Before heading off to the store and pay top dollar make sure to bring them along. There are also numerous reputable companies online that you can visit to acquire the coupons you need. Sites such as and have many grocery items, whereas, lists discounts and coupons offered on a host of items including restaurants, clothing, and furniture.

Use layaway

Many people who are on a strict budget use the convenience of layaway offered by a variety of the larger retail stores, as a way to purchase large ticket items such as a motorized car for a child or a new television. This is a nice option offered allowing you to put a small amount towards the items each week without interest added. Just make sure that you have the money each week or biweekly to apply towards the purchase. Otherwise, the money you apply is simply wasted.

Pay down debt

Of course, the best way to afford things that you want is to pay down your debt. Get in the habit of using credit only when you have to or when it benefits you like using a reward card that gives cash back for purchases or one that gives you point towards air miles. Otherwise, make every effort to get your credit cards down to a zero balance. This way you won’t rack up interest fees that can turn a good sale into a costly purchase.

There are so many ways to save money each month on the things you need that will allow you to afford the things you want. Get frugal and account for each dollar you spend. If you want something that costs a few hundred dollars, eat out less and bring your lunch to work. Make sure to take advantage of promotion and holidays, this is a time when retailers need to move merchandise which benefits you the consumer, with big savings.