How to Get the Most Out of Airport Lounge Access

How to Get the Most Out of Airport Lounge Access

Do you frequently fly abroad? Want to make the best out of the free services airports have to offer?

The airport lounge is a facility offered by many airports for selected passengers only. In addition to the other facilities in the airport–made available for everyone–the airport lounge is like a restaurant/bar where you can chill and relax until your flight arrives. For some passengers, airline companies offer complimentary food, drinks, and WIFI service within the lounge.

How do I get the Airport lounge facility if I am a frequent flyer?

1. Attain elite status

Attaining an elite status is a piece of cake for someone who travels frequently and uses the restaurants listed under favorite airline company. Airline companies want to make their loyal customer feel special and loved.

Once you spend a certain amount of flight tickets and restaurant bills with a particular airline, they make you their elite member. An elite member can easily get in an Airport lounge they wish to(without paying anything).

2. Use your credit card

credit card

The quickest and easiest way to get free access to airport lounges across the globe is by purchasing credit card that has “access to airport lounge” as their main feature. For an annual fee of approximately $500-$600, you get access to clubs, lounges, and recreational centers on the airport. The annual fee is the only expense here.

3. Get a day pass

For occasional travelers, a day pass can be a great option. Most airline companies sell day passes for $50-$60 per person. With a day pass, you don’t have to worry about the flight getting delayed. Sit comfortably in the lounge, use the free internet and have endless cups of coffee.

How to make the best out of Airport lounge access?

There are plenty of productive things you can do while you have access to the airport lounge. For starters, download an app such as LoungeBuddy to get to know the lounge before paying for it.

With LoungeBuddy, you can view, book and access airport lounges around the world in seconds. It doesn’t matter whether you are an elite member or a first-time flyer, LoungeBuddy will help you get in any airport lounge in the world.

Secondly, start making plans based on the facilities your selected lounge has to provide. Want to squeeze in a meeting before you board a flight? or planning to do a marathon work session? There is no reason to waste the day when you have access to the airport lounge.

The bottom line

Backpackers and globe-trotters are known to be frugal when it comes to spending money leisurely things. An airport lounge can turn out to heaven to such people as you get to have free delicious food, drinks, and WIFI within the lounge.

For economy class passengers, the only issue you might face is the lounge your book may not necessarily be near to your boarding gate. In this case, you will have to walk a bit to reach your lounge. This is never the case with business class passengers.